Both and focuses bringing people around the world news and information relating Buddhism. Information and updates that can change the way you look at life. Information that helps you understands perspectives of Buddhism. Information that lead you to live a better life. Buddhism is all about a way of life. A great way of life.  A life that spread generosity, love and care for every living thing on this world and beyond.

Description: Published by the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies. Archive of past issues presents an exceptional collection of articles by prominent Buddhist teachers.

(From Access to Insight) A calendar of uposatha days, which are times of renewed dedication to Dhamma practice, observed by both lay people and monastics throughout the world of Theravada Buddhism. Updated annually.

Description: A quarterly newsletter published by the Amaravati Buddhist Monastery in England.
Description: A semiannual jourmal of Vipassana community. Each issue of Inquiring Mind explores in depth a particular theme or subject that is of relevance to Westerners interested in the teachings of Buddhadharma.
Description: Inspiring Dhamma blog, maintained by the Majjhima Dhamma Centre (Singapore).