Перевод "sam-"

Автор Ассаджи, 07:59 24 июня 2015

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Бхиккху Бодхи пишет:

The prefix sam- in theory adds a sense of fullness to the word to which it is attached, but often this does not make a substantial difference to the meaning. Thus puṇṇa, sampuṇṇa, and paripuṇṇa all mean "full" or "complete." Phassa and samphassa both mean "contact." Cetanā and sañcetanā both mean "volition." And the enlightenment factors can be called either bojjhaṅga or sambojjhaṅga. In these examples, the amplified form occurs in compounds, the unamplified when the word occurs alone (thus cakkhu-samphassa is the first of the six kinds of phassa, rūpa-sañcetanā is the first kind of cetanā, sati-sambojjhaṅga is the first bojjhaṅga).

In the case of sambuddha, some commentators read a special meaning into the 'sam', as indicating that the Buddha's enlightenment is fuller than that of others, the paccekabuddhas and arahants. But there are passages that speak of arahants as sambuddha and the arahant's attainment as sambodhi, so I would be hesitant to ascribe too much significance to the prefix.