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Practice Makes Perfect - Symbolic Behaviour and Experience in Western Buddhism.

Sandra Bell

This paper is concerned with the development of Theravada monasticism in Britain and in particular with the role of the monastery as a centre for the transmission of Theravada Buddhism to a Western context. It develops the idea that the stylised and ritual character of life at the British monastery is the chief means by which ideological content is shaped, transmitted and absorbed. And that this takes place within a continuous performance involving actors with distinct parts to play as monks, nuns and lay people.



Being Creative With Tradition: Rooting Theravaada Buddhism in Britain

By Sandra Bell

This essay examines these ideas about how change might be got up as tradition and how timeworn practices might be experienced as novel. It does so in pursuit of an example that is the full converse of Singer's material on the integration of foreign, usually Western, cultural practices into an Asian context. In what follows I will trace the reversal of those cross-cultural processes explored by Singer through an historical account of recent attempts to establish Theravaada Buddhism as an indigenous religion in Britain.



Insight Meditation in the United States: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness
by Gil Fronsdal

Among the various and varied Buddhist meditative disciplines taught in the United States. Insight Meditation, or vipassana, has been, since the early 1980s, one of the fastest growing in popularity. To a great extent this can be attributed to the practice being offered independent of much of its traditional Theravada Buddhist religious context. This autonomy has allowed the American vipassana teachers and students to adapt and present the meditation practice in forms and language that are much more thoroughly Westernized than most other forms of Buddhism in America. As the number of people participating in the mindfulness practices of Insight Meditation has increased, a loose-knit lay Buddhist movement, uniquely Western, that is sometimes known as the "vipassana movement," has evolved.



Jake H. Davis

Strong Roots: Liberation Teachings of Mindfulness in the North America
A scholarly examination of the transmission of Theravada Buddhist teachings from the Burmese lineage of the Mahasi Sayadaw to the rapidly growing community of Vipassana practitioners in the U.S.A.