Третья основа Сатипаттханы - созерцание ума (читтанупассана)

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Интересно раскрывает эту практику Ачаан Сумедхо:

Beginning to notice the space around people is a very different way of looking at somebody, isn't it? We look at the space around them rather than looking at them. This is a way of beginning to open oneself. When one has a spacious mind, then there is room for everything.




Параллель у Стивена Гиллигана:

One set of acronyms we use to explore this with clients is COACH vs. CRASH. COACH stands for centered, open, aware, connected, and holding space; CRASH stands for contracted, reactive, analysis-paralysis, separating, and hurt/hateful. CRASH states give rise to problems and stuckness, whereas COACH states allow creativity and positive responses. We teach clients to recognize when they are in the negative states, and how to shift into a generative state before trusting their thoughts or actions.



К просторности можно отнести и "ощущение всего тела" в духе Анапанасати сутты.

ЦитироватьWhen certain sensations, feelings, or emotions are too intense, when they consistently distract your attention out of your body and away from the space around you, it can be helpful to open awareness to the entire field of experience. For example, if your back muscles are tense or burning, focusing closely on those sensations can make them even more intense. Instead, try experiencing the sensations within the field of the whole body. Your back and shoulders are burning, but how do your feet, legs, and arms feel?

One way to bring awareness to the whole body is to feel the soles of your feet, the palms of your hands, and the top of your head simultaneously. Whole-body awareness may allow you to experience the pain in your back muscles within a larger sphere of experience.