Циклон "Наргис" в Мьянме

Автор Ассаджи, 11:03 06 мая 2008

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На фото: местные жители разбирают завалы в Янгоне после прошедшего циклона "Наргис".

От циклона погибло примерно тридцать тысяч человек, пострадали дома сотен тысяч людей.

Сейчас циклон движется на северо-западные области Таиланда.




Рассказ девушки, которая помнила о Будде, когда её уносило течением:



Саядо Ньяниссара (Ситагу Саядо) и многие другие монахи приехали на юг Мьянмы помогать пострадавшим.


Fresh appeal for funds to continue work
$500m aid needed: UN
By Thet Khaing with AFP

Mr Holmes said the effectiveness of aid operations and the resilience of the people in cyclone-affected areas had combined to avert feared outbreaks of contagious diseases.

The UN's humanitarian coordinator for Myanmar, Mr Daniel Baker, said the UN has been able to establish good levels of communication with the government for cyclone relief efforts.

"Nobody has been denied access into the country or to go to the field if they want to go to assist with humanitarian activities ... and this gives us a really firm basis for this appeal because we can in fact reach the people now," Mr Baker said.

The UN said 75 percent of its original appeal has been received, and it would need an additional $304 million to help nearly 2.5 million survivors of cyclone Nargis, which struck Myanmar on May 2 and 3.

The storm caused a large number of deaths – about 85,000 according to government estimates – as well as an estimated $11 billion worth of damage to property.

The UN said Britain has so far been largest contributor to its aid operations, with nearly $54 million in contributions. The United States ranks second with $45 million.


"Inside Burma, there are about 6,000 people who remain in three rehabilitation camps. They will be forced to move out early next month.



По ТК National Geographic скоро будет передача про циклон Наргис