Cousins о переводе Маджхима Никаи

Автор Бхиккху Кхеминда, 18:31 22 декабря 2014

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Бхиккху Кхеминда

n a review of this most recent translation, L. S. Cousins (before getting down to details) makes various general criticisms:

the translation does not make clear what Pali text it is translating
being largely the work of Nanamoli, who died in 1960, it does not take much account of recent scholarship
in order to fit in one volume it cuts a lot of repetitions, thus altering the emphases of the text
it tends to follow traditional commentarial interpretations too uncritically
Bhikkhu Bodhi has undone improvements Nanamoli was trying to make before he died, to restore "standard" translations of terminology. Cousins says that these translations (or some) are "quite unacceptable" and "promulgate widespread misunderstandings", and that Nanamoli understood this. Cousins says that "what is needed is much more creativity and variety" in translation to try better to convey early Buddhist concepts

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