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Wikipitaka is an attempt to compile and complete an English translation of the Tipitaka, the Buddhist sacred scripture, and its commentaries in order to enable complete features of online text: searching, browsing, linking, instant editing as well as looking up terms in an online dictionary.

On Leigh Brasington’s site, a collection of sutta translations from Access to Insight in text/data format, for use with Leigh’s own program. While the same texts are available on Access to Insight, Leigh’s database program provides tools for searching in the texts that are not available on the Access site itself.

DhammaVinaya is an attempt to organize and give structure to the earliest known teachings of the Buddha. Although interpretations and commentaries of past and present teachers are of great value, the exclusive focus of this site is the Suttapitaka (Basket of Discourses) and Vinayapitaka (Basket of the Discipline) of the Theravada Pali Tipitaka. Even within the Canon, parts generally considered to be of later origin are avoided. The original texts and the translations are laid out side-by-side, so that anyone interested can check and clarify the translations and learn some Pali in the process.

English translations for several important suttas, some of them with Pali "tooltips".

A Buddhist manual of psychological ethics of the fourth century B.C., being a translation, now made for the first time from the original Pali, of the first book in the Abhidhamma pitaka, entitled, Dhamma-sangani (Compendium of states or phenomena) with introductory essay and notes by Caroline A. F. Rhys Davids.

eVinaya is a website aimed at facilitating search of materials concerning the Vinaya in the Internet.

On Leigh Brasington’s site, a collection of study guides & related resources. If you’re not sure which of the many Pali suttas to start with, try these.

The original Teachings of Gotama Buddha are available online in simple English, translated by distinguished Buddhist Scholars from Burma (Myanmar) where Theravada Buddhism prospers in pristine form. Registered readers of TIPITAKA On-line will receive the articles or the daily digest by Email, or view at the site as options.