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Sri Saddhatissa International Buddhist Centre

309-311 Kingsbury Road
United Kingdom

The Centre has two principal aims: to promote the understanding of Buddhism in the West, and to preserve the Buddhist culture among its supporters.
At the Sri Saddhatissa International Buddhist Centre you might find:
* Dhamma and meditation classes
* celebrations of important days in the Buddhist calendar - Vesak, Poson, Esala, Kathina, and Sangamitta Day
* a daily religious service in the evening to the public [Buddhapuja] and Pirith chanting
* Inter-faith seminars
* visits to hospitals and homes for the sick
* offering of alms to the poor and the destitute on Vesak Day
* a reference and a lending library of valuable books
* Distinguished personalities, academics, and Buddhist scholars, from both the clergy and the laity, deliver public lectures, speeches and Dhamma talks at different intervals throughout the year.


Located in: United Kingdom