法住禅林(Dhammavihārī Forest Monastery)是中国上座部佛教僧团住持、传承、修学、弘扬佛陀教法的森林禅修寺院。

        法住,巴 利语Dhammavihārī,意谓“正法住立之处”,即佛陀的正法于中华大地的住立之处。又谓“安住于正法的人”,亦即经典所说的只有学习三藏教理、修 习止观禅法,以及证悟道果涅槃的人,才是真正安住于佛陀正法的人。

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The Society will:
* organize weekly group meditation sittings and monthly weekend retreats.
* foster discussions on how to incorporate the Dhamma into our everyday life and live mindfully, guided by our ultimate core values.
* invite teachers to lead intensive meditation retreats and give Dhamma Talks.
* organize classes to study and gain deeper understanding of the Buddha's Teachings.
* print free Dhamma booklets and materials to disseminate the Buddha's Teachings.
* maintain a website to provide information on the Society's activities, upcoming retreats, and inspiring articles and writings.

Tsimshatsui, Kowloon

Meditation society headed by Ajahn Samahito, who came from Malaysia.



Chinese Theravada Buddhism Dhamma resource.