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Mahasi Meditation Center / America Burma Buddhist Association

63 Gordons Corner Road
New Jersey

The America Burma Buddhist Association (ABBA) was established in New York on August 19, 1981 for Burmese cultural preservation in America. The association has founded a temple in New York and a retreat center in New Jersey where religious and social activities are occasionally held. The main activities are Waso Ceremony held in July, Kathina Ceremony in November, New Year Celebration in January, Htamane Pwe Daw in March, the Buddha Day Ceremony and Burmese New Year Festival in May. Mahasi Sathipathana Meditation method is founded by the widely respected Venerable Mahasi Sayadaw of Burma, whose methods are followed in numerous centers within Burma and abroad. The America Burma Buddhist Association (ABBA) is the USA affiliate of the Mahasi Meditation Center of Burma.

Located in: New Jersey