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In an unassuming village in the town of Kuching in East Malaysia, a group of truth seekers gather together and form a community for mutual support in the learning and practicing of Dhamma. Among them are some Malaysians, Singaporeans, Mainland Chinese, Taiwanese, and American. Although they come from different countries, background, and culture, they share a common goal – to seek self-purification.In order to realise this supreme vision, they dedicate all their time, energy, and life to the Triple Gems – the Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha. They have grown into a Sangha of substantial size. The Sangha is a breath of fresh air in this small, humble town of Xin San Tu.

Seri Kembangan

Nalanda Buddhist Society is a leading Buddhist establishment in Malaysia. Established in early 2003, Nalanda aims to be a centre of excellence for Buddhist education, development and propagation.A non-profit, service-oriented organization, Nalanda focuses on promoting holistic Buddhist education for integral human development.

As part of its effort to reach out to the wider public with varied social and spiritual needs, the Society subsequently extended its operations to include Nalanda Vidyalaya – Dhamma school for teenagers and youths, Nalanda Institute – Buddhist educational centre for adults, and Nalanda Book Café – a community service centre and café.

With the increasing demand for its effective educational programmes and valuable services offered to the community nationwide, the Society has expanded its building facilities with the opening of the new Nalanda Centre in December 2009.



Petaling Jaya

MBCS Missions:
1.       Providing Buddhist community with service & education support related to issue on illness & bereavement;
2.    Providing Buddhist community with one stop funeral related service;
3.    Providing our members with various Co-op Enterprise Interest & Patronage Rebate.


Subang Jaya

BBN is a grouping of like-minded members of Buddhist community to network and promote their businesses and services and assist each other in the Buddhist way. The membership is opened to individuals, corporates, organizations/societies.

Petaling Jaya

The BGF was established with a very clear vision to promote the growth of Buddhism and create a better world for all living beings. An essential factor for this is developing Dhamma-inspired Buddhists who contribute to the growth of Buddhism.
BGF's objective is to tap the intellectual resources of Buddhist professionals, especially those who have graduated from colleges and universities. With such human capital, the BGF hopes to contribute towards the well-being and development of the Buddhism community.


Sungai Petani

Sammaditthi Meditation Grove or SMG is a Theravada Buddhist meditation temple with two resident dhutanga/forest monks. They have trained with Ajahn Sok of Kg Pong, Perak and also spend many years in Thailand meditating. Daily food offering start  at 9.00 am (Chanting follow with short meditation). SMG also conducts Dhamma talk by invited speaker, meditation retreat, SanghaDana and teenager retreat.

Bukit Mertajam

Theravadan monastery led by Bhante Saddhasiri.


Sri Lankan Buddhist temple in Puchong, established by Ven. B.Saranankara Thero.


Vihara Buddha Gotama is a 15-acres forest monastery founded in 1998 mainly for the study, teaching, and practice of the Buddha's discourses (suttas), monastic discipline (vinaya), and meditation, according to the original teachings of the Buddha.
It is open to monks and nuns (maechees or anagarinis), and also laymen and laywomen.


To kindle the light of wisdom for it to shine across Malaysia and beyond, Aloka Foundation will set out to:
- Establish spiritual retreat centres; assist and sponsor the Buddhist Sangha community and lay practitioners to undergo training in meditation and Buddhist studies as well as carry out Buddhist pilgrimages;
- Provide facilities for the training of Dhammaduta or Buddhist missionaries; and sponsor youth leadership training, volunteer services and youth exchange programmes; and
- Organise and sponsor religious educational, welfare and other related activities that promote religious harmony and world peace.