Na Uyana Aranya

Sri Lanka

Na Uyana Aranya (‘Ironwood Grove Forest Monastery’) is one of the oldest Buddhist forest monasteries in Sri Lanka, dating back to the time of King Uttiya (3rd Century BCE).

The modern revival of this ancient monastery during the past few decades has seen its emergence as one of the main meditation centres in the country. Today it is again a home to a thriving community of monastic and lay Buddhist practitioners.


At a glance:

• More than 5000 acres in land area;

• Residence to about 100 monks and 30 lay practitioners;

• Follows the Pa-Auk Meditation System;

• Strict adherence to Vinaya (Buddhist Monastic Discipline) and the Theravāda tradition;


• Dhammika Ashramaya is a separate nunnery affiliated with Na Uyana for female practitioners.

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Located in: Sri Lanka