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Citta 101 is a support for sanghas, for sangha leaders and for committed practitioners. Our focus is on all experience as meditation. We understand this fullness of experience to be the most fundamental skill in sharing the Dharma.


Insight Meditation Houston was founded in 1980 by Rodney Smith, who had ordained with Mahasi Sayadaw in Burma and then had practiced for three years with Ajahn Buddhadasa in Thailand. Returning to the West, Rodney worked in hospice care and taught Vipassana meditation throughout the U.S. Since he left Houston in 1983, IMH has continued to meet weekly in the city and to sponsor two or three retreats each year at the Margaret Austin Center, which is located in a tranquil rural setting near Chappell Hill, Texas.


Insight Meditation of Cleveland provides a gathering place for those who wish to practice Insight (or vipassana) meditation. Insight meditation is a simple, direct practice, a moment-to-moment investigation of the mind/body process through calm and focused awareness.

Unity Village

We offer a weekly meditation group and several silent retreats each year facilitated by Robert Brumet. We are here to support your mindfulness practice.


Activities: We welcome anyone interested in the practice of meditation, regardless of religious background or affiliation. We offer daily meditation and frequent dhamma talks and classes.

Traverse City

Traverse City Mindfulness Meditation Group, or sanga, includes people who practice a variety of forms of Buddhist meditation including Vipassana, Shambala and Zen. Some just sit, with no particular identification with a tradition. Many are beginners to the practice, trying it out to see if this is something they feel drawn to. Our intention is to provide a space, and a community, for all who wish to join us and learn together.


Activities: Weekly Vipassana meditation sitting group Thursdays, bi-monthly day longs, beginning and continuing insight meditation classes, and weekend retreats serving Washtenaw and Jackson County.

Ann Arbor

Activities: Friendly, open Sunday morning sitting group, vipassana classes for beginning and continuing meditators. Weekend retreats several times a year, vipassana instruction in the traditional Theravadan tradition. Serving Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County, Michigan, led by teacher Susan Weir.

New Orleans

Focusing on the Insight Meditation tradition of Theravada Buddhism (Vipassana), we meet twice weekly for practice, study, and discussion.

We can help you to get started in meditation and will provide support for your ongoing practice. Whether you are new to meditation or more experienced, you are welcome to join us at any time.


The intention of Mindful Heart Buddha Sangha is to support individual growth to achieve freedom of the mind. We follow a Theravada tradition, practice primarily Vipassana Insight meditation, and welcome people of all spiritual paths.

Activities: Five vipassana sittings per week. Some with discussion.
And sponsorship of a prison sangha in Tell City, Indiana.