Blue Eyes in Saffron Robes


This is a very interesting documentary set in Thailand at Wat Bowonniwet and Wat Pa Nanachat where they interview the monks about their lifestyles and their thoughts on being Western monks in Thai culture.

However, it takes on extra significance given the fact that the film was made in 1979 and we see some very famous monks near the beginning of their career, including Ajahn Brahm, Ajahn Amaro and Ajahn Jayasāro.

The film maker, from RTV in Eire, first met some western monks in Bangkok at Wat Bowonniwet where he is told that there is a monastery full of Western monks in the North-East, and is intrigued enough to go and see for himself.

Along the way he interviews the then Abbot Ajahn Pabhākaro (who later disrobed, but still occasionally teaches meditation), a young Ajahn Brahm (around five Rains), and back in Bangkok is a white robed Shaun, who was to become Ajahn Jayasāro.

The film is quite good, letting the monks explain things themselves for the most part, and is only marred towards the end when then interviewer professes his faith in Jesus, and when his ideas are contradicted by Shaun, he brings both the interview and the film to a sudden close.

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