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Brahma Vihārī Meditation Centre

Ye Chen Oh Village, Ward 12
Pyin Oo Lwin Township (Maymyo)
Pyinoolwin District
Mandalay Division

Sayalay Dīpaṅkara generously extends her good conditions to other practitioners by conceptualizing, designing, and overseeing the construction of what is now the Brahma Vihārī Meditation Centre at Maymyo, Myanmar. Meditators benefited from her deeper intentions and abided unknowingly in the conditions, true to the Visuddhimagga and the Tipiṭaka.


In devoting her energy in sharing the Dhamma worldwide, students are able to stay within Brahma Vihārī  for longer retreats through acts of dana. The rest of the year, Sayalay travels to the people who wish to learn, leaving little time for herself for self-practice and rest.


Sayalay teaches the forty kammaṭṭhāna leading to samādhi and vipassanā practice, and many other qualities a Buddhist needs to know and embody.

Located in: Myanmar