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Treading The Path To Freedom : Bhikkhu Jayasāra's Dhamma Blog

This is the Dhamma Blog of Bhikkhu Jayasāra. On this Blog you will find a variety of dhamma related content from the internet in addition to articles and media created by Bhante J.

Bhikkhu Jayasara

Bhikkhu Jayasāra, or “Bhante J” as most call him, is an American born Buddhist monastic who currently resides at Bhavana Society of West Virginia. He was born in 1978 and raised Catholic. He came to Buddhism in his late 20s and officially took refuge and precepts to become a practicing Buddhist lay disciple on Vesak in 2008. in 2011 He took the Eight Lifetime Precepts with Bhante Gunaratana and was given the name Jayantha.

By this point the practice had instilled in him a desire to become a monastic. Bhante J began to regularly attend retreats and weekend visits to Bhavana and learned all he could about the monastic life. While searching for the journeys of people on their journey into homelessness, he found little to no print or video documentation of this journey that would be of use to him on his own, and so decided to document his own journey, both for his own benefit and those who may find benefit from this documentation in the future.

It was at this point that the vlog series “A Journey Into Homelessness”  on the youtube channel “Student of the Path” was born. Followed shortly after by Student of the Path Tumblr Blog  “” . From 2012 to current Bhante J has documented his journey from lay life, to coming to live at Bhavana Society in September of 2014, becoming Anagarika  in March of 2015, his Pabbajja(going forth) ordination to become a Sāmaṇera in October of 2015 and most recently his Upasampadā, or higher ordination to Bhikkhu in October of 2016.

You will find on this blog a variety of things, from continuing documentation on his journey, life at the monastery, to a variety of methods used to disseminate the dhamma, including written, video,audio, and graphical.


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