We are based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, a location we have found highly conducive to serious practice.

We have no formal group meetings at present, but we do get together with other Dhamma practitioners in Saskatoon every few weeks for discussion of Dhamma readings, including books and essays by Thanissaro Bhikkhu, Suttas and excerpts thereof. The group includes people at a variety of levels of exposure to the Kammatthana tradition.


The Regina Insight Meditation Community shares a commitment to the investigation and practice of the Buddha's teachings (Buddhadharma).  Together we explore the teachings on the nature of things. Within our community (sangha), we support and inspire each other to bring our spiritual practice into daily life.  Our practice is woven through the way we relate to each other in our community. Within an atmosphere of respect and honesty, each person's direct experience is honoured. We welcome anyone who wishes to explore this practice and these teachings.