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Redwood Valley

K.P.Y. was founded in honor of  Venerable Ajarn Thoon Khippapanyo in December 1999, as a non-profit organization to provide a place for the practice of Buddhist Dhamma.  The Center is set on 235.2 wooded acres in the quiet mountain of Ukiah, Northern California. It provides a secluded environment for Dhamma practice.
Many laypersons prefer to practice in a less structured environment. K.P.Y. provides the facility and teaching necessary for on-going practice and serves as a fertile training ground. Practitioners and retreaters can devote themselves to the cultivation of wisdom and insight for extended period of time.


San Jose

The Vipassana San Jose sangha is a gathering of individuals who meet in order to learn, support and deepen their mindfulness meditation  practice.

San Francisco

Insight Meditation Community of San Francisco (IMCSF) is dedicated to offering the teachings of the Buddha as they develop in the West. Our orientation is toward intensive lay practice. We offer classes, meditation retreats and other events as a community (sangha) devoted to the embodiment of awakening in our lives.


Vipassana meditation group, informally associated with the Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City.

Grass Valley

Mountain Stream Meditation Center has held Buddhist meditation groups in the Northern California Sierra Foothills since 1986. Mountain Stream was started by our resident teacher, John M. Travis. As interest in Buddhism has grown, so has Mountain Stream. Today we have meditation groups meeting in many communities, we hold retreats many times a year, publish and distribute a newsletter to over 2,000 individuals, and generally serve as a center for the Buddhist community in the Northern California Sierra Foothills.


Walnut Creek

The Saddhamma Foundation is a Buddhist non-profit organization formed in the early 1990's to support the Venerable Sayadaw U Pandita in his efforts to encourage and support the teachings of the Dhamma throughout the world. The Saddhamma Foundation has facilitated retreats for Sayadaw U Pandita in the United States and Myanmar (Burma).


Half Moon Bay

The  Theravada Buddhist Society of America (TBSA) was founded in 1980 to support the sasana activities in general and the Dhammananda Vihara activities in particular.


Redwood City

The Insight Meditation Center (IMC) is a community-based urban meditation center for the practice of Vipassana or Insight meditation. The group is guided by Gil Fronsdal.



Sae Taw Win II was founded in 1997 by Dr. Thynn Thynn, a Burmese-born, retired physician.
Dr. Thynn is the resident teacher and yogi at the Sae Taw Win II Dhamma Center in Northern California. The Center is an extension of the original Sae Taw Win Monastery in central Burma, in the lineage of the late Ven. Shwe Baw Gyun Sayadaw.



Inspired by the Theravada forest traditions, Aranya Bodhi: Awakening Forest Hermitage is a rustic, "off the grid" Buddhist women's monastic hermitage on 100+ acres of mountain forest and meadows on the Northern California Sonoma Coast. Aranya Bodhi is the monastic hermitage project of Dhammadharini, a religious non-profit organization in the State of California.

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