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We are a Buddhist practice group that meets regularly for meditation, exploration of the teachings of Buddhism, and support in cultivating the path of practice. We ground our practice in the Insight Meditation (vipassana) tradition, while remaining open to wisdom from the broader spectrum of Buddhist teaching.

Our group seeks to explore the heart of Buddhist teaching and practice, while embracing the process of discovering skillful ways to adapt the tradition to our culture and times. We are peer led. Some participants work with planning and leading on behalf of the group as a form of awareness practice.


We are a peer-led Insight Meditation group located in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, North Carolina whose practices are founded on the core teachings of the Buddha. We are a community of supportive individuals (men & women) who are dedicated to bringing more wisdom, compassion and understanding to this world.

Asheville Meditation provides weekly guided Insight Meditation sessions, a sacred space to practice, opportunities to learn from visiting meditation teachers, reading resources, profound expansion naturally occurring from group sharing and resources for participating in extended insight meditation sessions and retreats.


Wat Carolina is a Thai Buddhist Monastery, located near Bolivia, North Carolina or about 20 miles west of Wilmington, North Carolina. The Wat Carolina Monastery continues to grow, both physically and spiritually, under the most excellent leadership of Phrakru Buddamonpricha, abbot.

Hot Springs

Southern Dharma Retreat Center is a nonprofit educational facility, welcoming a variety of spiritual paths, whose purpose is to offer meditation retreats. Southern Dharma is located in a remote mountainous area of Western North Carolina, an hour northwest of Asheville. Facilities include a meditation hall, dormitory, a private forest hermitage and creekside campsites.


Monastic residence with two female monks (bhikkhuni).