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This modern meditation center built on over 6 acres of land, a vision of Shwe Oo Min Sayadaw, was constructed by the generous donations of many. The first hall was completed in February 1999 with many additional buildings being added through 2004. Far from traffic and people, in the shade of the forest rests this center, a place to live in the joy of the Dhamma.

Khemārāma or Tịnh An Lan Nhã is the name of a Buddhist sanctuary in Vietnam. It has been built to facilitate primarily women who want to learn and practice Buddhism in the Theravāda tradition.

Chom Tong

Insight Meditation Center at Wat Phradhatu Sri Chomtong Voravihara.

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Dipabhāvan was established in 2005 for use by both Thai and foreigners. Since then many people from various countries have joined the retreat. They have found something different and more profound than they have ever known. Dipabhāvan welcomes everyone who would like to fulfill their life by benefiting from Dhamma practice. The retreat is open for people from all walks of life, races, sexes, faiths and beliefs without prejudice or discrimination.

Ajahn Poh, the current abbot of Suan Mokkh is the founder of Dipabhāvan. He and/or other monks from Suan Mokkh come to run the retreat every month since the beginning. The teachings in Dipabhāvan is close to the teachings at the Suan Mokkh International Dhamma Hermitage.

Mueng Chiang Mai

Residential Vipassana (Insight) Meditation Courses in the tradition of Mahasi Sayadaw (Myanmar) and Ajahn Tong (Chom Tong, Thailand).

Wiang Nuea Ampur
Mueng Lampang Province

Burmese lineage Buddhist monastery, with the practice in the style of Ven Mahasi Sayadaw. Headed by Pra Gandhasarabhiwan?sa.


A royal monastery. It was established by King Rama IV in 1853. The monastery has started a Meditation Teaching Course in the Assembly Hall. 

Surat Thani

Nun Amorn Pun International Meditation Center is hosted by the Theravada Buddhist monastery of Wat Kow Tham in the south of the beautiful tropical island Koh Phangan. Mae Chee Ahmon is the head nun of Wat Kow Tahm. A nun for over 50 years, she is the guiding force of Wat Kow Tahm Monastery and the overseer of the International Meditation Center.



The Thamkrabok Monastery is located 140 kms north of Bangkok, Thailand, and has for over 50 years provided a highly successful herbal detoxification service to drug addicted persons from around the world.



Located on the outskirts of Bangkok, it's a forest monastery in town. Founded by the late Luang Por Teean Jittasubho, who taught a method of meditation of being mindful of the movements of the body and mind.