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Dedicated to the practice of the Theravada tradition according to the teachings of the late Mongkol Thepmuni. Includes biography, chants, and activity schedule.


Bodhi Meditation Centre is an urban meditation centre with the intention of preserving the original teachings of the Buddha as presented in the Vipassana (Insight) and Metta (Loving-kindness) Meditations.

Resident teacher: Venerable Chuan Ren (Pannavudha).


The team of people who form the committee of MDC consist of lay practitioners who see the lack of proper Dhamma and Meditation teachers in Singapore. This lack of proper support prompted them to seek out the two highly respected and venerated teachers (who are the centre's two resident religious advisors), as well as others from Thailand, to bring the Teachings to Singapore and share them with the Dhamma-hungry Buddhist community.
MDC has two resident religious advisors. They are the Venerables Phramaha Dr. Suthimon and Phra Ajahn Chakat. Both monks have over 20 vassas each and are well versed in the Dhamma, Pali Sutta Chanting and Meditation.
The teachings followed at MDC are from the Thai Theravada Tradition. But although both resident religious advisors are ordained in different lineages (Maha-nikaya & Thammayut) according to the Thai Theravada system, they teach the unified tradition of the Dhamma-vinaya, the religion of the Buddha.



Guided by Ven Dr P Gnanarama, who is concurrently the incumbent Chief Priest of Purvaramaya, Gunasingha Pura in Sri Lanka as well as the Principal of the Buddhist and Pali College, Singapore. Provides Sunday Dhamma school and Buddhist services.



Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic.



The center offers Vipassana meditation instruction in the style of Mahasi Sayadaw of Burma.


Nisala Arana International Meditation Centre is in Molkawa, Agalawatta, Kalutara District, and borders the scenic Singharaja Rain Forest. Kutties will be available for short stays or longer retreats. For those who are new to meditation, or are looking for a way to come to terms with the trials and tribulations that life entails, we offer an introduction to Buddhist meditation. For those who are already experienced in Buddhist meditation, Nisala Arana offers a sanctuary away from everyday life to reflect on the deeper meanings of existence expounded in the Buddhist teachings.


Buddhist retreat center close to Kandy in Sri Lanka, with Upul Gamage as meditation teacher.


Meetirigala Nissarana Vanaya is a monastery in the strict forest tradition, founded in 1968 by Asoka Weeraratna. The first Meditation Master was, Ven. Matara Sri Gnanarama Mahathera. After Venerable Gnanarama Thero's demise his closest pupil, Venerable Pinnaduwe Khemananda led the monastery for 15 years until his passing away in 1992. The current meditation teacher is Ven. Uda Iriyagama Dhammajiva.

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Students' meditation society of Peradeniya University.