The Uganda Buddhist Centre was established on April 10, 2005. This centre was founded by Venerable Buddharakkhita with the dedicated support of a group of pioneering devotees led by Felista Nampiima and Joyce Nakatte. The primary aim of the centre is to spread Buddhism in Uganda and other African countries.


A Buddhist hermitage nestled in the dramatic Southern Drakensberg (uKhahlamba in Zulu) on the border between South Africa and Lesotho. It is affiliated with the Forest Sangha of Ajahn Chah and was founded by his disciples Kittisaro and Thanissara in 2000 as a hermitage. Dharmagiri is the home of a contemplative community that provides support for self retreatants and practitioners, facilitates meditation retreats and enables access to Buddhist practice and teachings. Dharmagiri runs on a semi monastic ethos and requests that visitors and retreatants join in the community morning and evening practice sessions as well as help with simple daily chores. An extensive library of Dharma talks and Dharma books is available for retreat support.


Situated near Rustenburg in North West Province of South Africa, Emoyeni offers retreat facilities in an atmosphere of quiet and peaceful mountain landscape.

Dar es Salaam
Rev Ilukpitiye Pannasekara is the Chief Monk for the African continent and the twelfth resident monk to Tanzania. Currently he is residing at the centre and is working hard to establish Buddhism in Africa.
1. In charge of Buddhist temple Dar Es salaam, Tanzania;
2. Teaching of Buddhist philosophy;
3. Free library services;
4. Running a nursery school;
5. Trustee world conference on religion and peace (wcrp) Tanzania;
6. Making arrangements of sending young Tanzanians to learn Buddhism in South Africa;
7. Holding meditation classes every Sunday in the temple.