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Las Vegas

Lotus in the Desert Sangha offers practice in Vipassana (insight) meditation. Vipassana is a Pali term that means clear seeing. The practice includes systematic mindfulness meditation techniques that direct our attention to the true nature of reality and to the development of penetrating insight and wisdom. New and experienced meditators are equally welcome, as are one-time visitors.

Carson City

Dharma Zephyr Insight Meditation Community represents Buddhist Vipassana (insight) meditation groups in northern Nevada.


Bozeman Insight Community    ( was founded in 1996 to offer resources and support for people seeking to enhance their Insight/Mindfulness (Vipassana) Meditation practice. Sangha gatherings are held on Thursday Evenings. 


The Metta Dharma Foundation, located in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area, is dedicated to the study and practice of Buddhist meditation and the integration and application of Buddhist teachings in all aspects of our lives. Our classes and programs are based in the Buddha’s teachings in the Pali discourses.

We strive to support practitioners to live with wisdom, compassion and peace through foundational teachings and practices of Moral Conduct, Mental Calm and Insight Meditation, Generosity and Lovingkindness.


Thai Buddhist temple.


Los Angeles Buddhist temple was founded in 1978. The incumbent abbot of the temple is Ven. pandit Ahangama Dhammarama nayaka thero. The temple is located in the center of Hollywood. Meditation classes, dharma classes, Buddha puja (offering to buddha) and other religious activities are conducted by resident monks at the temple. There are Sri Lankan, Thai, Bangladesh Buddhist monks resident in the temple. Meditation classes are conducted by Ven. Lakkhana, the meditation master from Sri Lanka. Lot of them who attend the meditation classes become devoted Buddhists. Special attention is being given to each and every individual who attends the meditation classes. Other Buddhist priests who are resident in the temple conduct many religious activities.


The Skillful Meditation Project offers an approach to Buddhist Meditation based on what people actually experience when they meditate.


Los Angeles

Against The Stream Buddhist Meditation Society is founded upon the empowering and self-revealed teaching of original Buddhism. We follow the guidance of the 4 Noble Truths. The Dharma (Truth) as revealed by the Buddha is our only Refuge. Through our founding teacher Noah Levine’s connection and empowerment from his teachers, Jack Kornfield, Stephen and Ondrea Levine and Ajahn Amaro we are directly connected to several lineages of traditional Buddhism.

Los Angeles

L.A.Dharma is a non-sectarian Buddhist organization. Our mission is to create a focal point for insight meditation and to help develop community. Buddhist ethics, traditions, and practices inspire our activities. We host retreats, offer meditation groups, workshops and classes. L.A.Dharma operates as a division of the Insight Center, a 501(c)3 public benefit corporation, from which it inherits non-profit status. All donations are tax deductible.


Long Beach

We practice Vipassana meditation, a time-honored method for developing mindfulness and concentration. We offer weekly sits and retreats with on-going instruction in sitting and walking meditation by our guiding teacher, Victor Byrd, who gives regular dharma talks and leads our open discussions.