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The Ottawa Buddhist Society serves Theravada Buddhists of all backgrounds in and around Ottawa, Canada's Capital.
All who support the Society and its objectives are welcome to Society activities: meditation retreats, days of mindfulness, Friday evening meetings at 91A Fourth Avenue Dharma study groups and to become members.


Nova Scotia

Buddhayana Forest Retreat is a Buddhist meditation retreat center, set in the beautiful mixed hardwood forest of Nova Scotia's Cobequid Highlands. Our center offers self-directed and self-sufficient temporary, monastic style meditation retreats.


About the meditation:

The course emphasizes dynamic/active meditation which helps the meditator create the perfect balance between the inner and outer world. There are no rituals, no prayer, no blind faith. YOU discover truth YOURSELF with the guidance of a meditation master. You will learn how to find and correct those things in you that have been causing you suffering for all these years. You will become a master in your daily life.


True North Insight is a charitable organization that offers a full schedule of insight meditation retreats and courses in English and French.


Come join us for our weekly groupsits of Vipassana/Insight meditation, which is a very ancient form of Theravada Buddhist practice. Learn to focus your attention on your breathing and to let go of your mind's continuous chatter.

Let go of the daily 'roller-coaster-ride' of cravings and aversions, likes and dislikes. Become balanced, relaxed and happy again. And learn to experience reality more directly without re-acting blindly to positive or negative events.




1. To maintain the Teachings of the Buddha.
2. To be the means in helping to spread the Teachings of the Buddha.
3. To be a tool in promoting Buddhist and Eastern Culture.
4. To make known the activities of Buddha Vihara to Buddhists in general.
5. To promote and spread activities of Buddhist and other religious organizations to public.
6. To be the means of promotion techniques and the ways to promote activities of Buddhist Monks in the US.

Ann Arbor

Insight Meditation center offering regular classes and frequent retreats.


The Great Lakes Buddhist Vihara reflects the hopes, aspirations and energies of a tiny community of Buddhists primarily in the Michigan Great Lakes region and in southern Ontario.


Dhammasala Forest Monastery has been established to encourage the teaching, practice and realization of the Dhamma (the Buddha's teaching) with special emphasis on classical, Theravada Buddhism. It arranges services for the benefit of the community, such as regular teachings on Buddhism, meditation instruction in twice weekly sessions, an English library and tapes, as well as traditional Buddhist cultural activities. All teaching and instruction is in English. There are no charges for attending Dhamma talks, for meditation instruction or sessions or any other services provided.


This is the website of Jeta Grove Foundation, a non-profit organization created to steward funds donated to help with the establishment of a Theravada Buddhist forest monastery in the Northeast U.S., specifically a branch monastery of the monastic community of Ajahn Chah and Ajahn Sumedho.