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- Story: Read the story of the life of the Buddha;

- Explore: Investigate the Great Stupa of Amaravati;

- Challenge Game: Match symbols of the Buddha.

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A comprehensive description of modern Thai Buddhism, Buddhist ceremonies and Thai Temples.

The story and explanation of the term "Hinayana", by Kåre A. Lie.

Description of Buddhism in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma) and Bangladesh.

Buddhists of various nationalities describe their varied ways of finding the Buddha Dhamma.

Who is the Buddha really? What is he? And what did he teach?
Is he important for me? What meaning does he have for me?

Find your answers here and take the first steps to a new life, lived with wisdom and compassion.

Tipitaka in Myanmar language.

Dhamma talks and books by Theravada monks and teachers.

Dhamma Audio DataBase, Dhamma Video DataBase, Dhamma Book DataBase and Tipitaka Database.

Current news and opinions on Buddhism.

A Buddhist way of life would call for Buddhist economics, just as the modern materialist way of life has brought forth modern economics.

A Do-It-Yourself guide to taking the Three Refuges and becoming a Buddhist.

The site has many books by Mahasi Sayadaw in English as well as other resources and guidelines for Vipassana meditation. It also talks about the Great Buddhist Councils that occurred in history and the fate of the Theravada and Mahayana.