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This course, "First Steps," Units 1 and 2 of the longer 6 Unit course "Going Beyond what you Believe to be True," is foundational to the rest, though it is highly valuable as a course in itself.

In these two units you will learn a concentration practice which is an important foundation for mindfulness and insight. You will come to experience things as less substantial than they seem. You will be able to bring your body to a relaxed state.


Personal web-page that includes both Theravada (including the basics of jhana practice) and Tibetan Buddhism.
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Letters written between the former Meethirigala head priest, Ven, Matara Sri Gnanarama thero, and a pupil of his. These letters cover her experiences and the advise the Thero gives her to progress up to Anagami level.

From this website you may download, as PDF files, class notes from courses given by Australian teacher Patrick Kearney since 2000. 'Serene and Clear' is an introduction to Buddhist meditation, 'Evam Me Suttam' is an introduction to reading the Buddhist suttas.

You can also find here Patrick Kearney's Dhamma talks in MP3 format.


A very highly reputed non-profit retreat center in central Massachusetts for intensive practice of Insight (Vipassana) Meditation.


The way of Silent Mind-Open Heart relies primarily on the teachings of the Buddha as presented in the Theravada Buddhist tradition. At the heart of this tradition is the practice of vipassana or insight meditation.

Philip Jones has practiced meditation since 1987 and has been teaching insight meditation since 1996. His primary teacher has been Matthew Flickstein, although he has also studied with teachers from the Insight Meditation Society and Spirit Rock Meditation Center as well as with Bhante Gunaratana.


The Skillful Meditation Project offers an approach to Buddhist Meditation based on what people actually experience when they meditate.