A Buddha Ujja website offers a large collection of Pali suttas in Hungarian, articles and videos by and about major teachers from the Thai forest traditions, and links to Hungarian Buddhist communities and websites.

Indonesian translations of Tipitaka texts.

Das Dhamma-Dana-Projekt der Buddhistischen Gesellschaft München e.V. (BGM), hat sich das Ziel gesetzt, ausgesuchte Dhamma-Literatur in deutscher Übersetzung für ernsthaft Übende zur Verfügung zu stellen. Zudem soll mit dem Material, das die BGM-Studiengruppe erarbeitet hat, das vertiefende Eindringen in die ursprüngliche Lehre Buddhas erleichtert werden.

Diese Veröffentlichungen sind nicht profitorientiert, sondern sollen sich selbst tragen. So finanziert der Gewinn eines Buches die Herstellung des nächsten. Langfristige Zielsetzung des Projektes ist es - wie in Asien üblich - Dhamma-Bücher zur freien Verteilung bereitzustellen. Das ist bereits für einige Bücher und Hefte gelungen, die deshalb leider nicht im Buchhandel erhältlich sein können.

A growing archive of Buddhist writings, primarily from the Zen and Theravada traditions, from ancient and contemporary authors alike, as well as a Buddhist web journal.

(in German translation).

Presents a comprehensive section on meditation places in Thailand and a history of Buddhism in Thailand, Buddhist news, as well as sestions on Buddha's Life,  Dhamma,  Dhammapada, Buddhist Lent Day, The Four Noble Truths,  Buddhism Practice.

The Government of Sri Lanka sponsored the Translation of Tipitaka in to Sinhala on 1956 and the project was undertaken by a prominent team of scholars from the sangha community. Theis gigantic task was completed only on 1990 January with the publication of the last book by the Government Publisher.

Savanata Sisilasa is the 24 hour Internet Radio for Dhamma Talks in Sinhala (Sri Lankan language) and English. The talks are changed every 24 hours and a selected talk in English can be heard on Friday and on weekends.

(Eng.: Young Buddhist Association of Indonesia.) Offers many interesting Buddhist articles, including Jataka Tales. (in Indonesian)

Jika anda mencari materi-materi ebook,mp3 ataupun video, materi-materi tersebut dipindahkan ke sub perpustakaan.

Ce blog est devenu, au fil des jours, un endroit ou je partage le dhamma et je suis heureuse qu'il soit ressenti comme tel.

Provides list of Thai temples in U.S., articles, projects, and bulletin boards.

The Foundation aims to help people who want to study Buddhism, to study the Buddha's teachings and to point the way to the practice in accordance with the teaching.

Mostly in Norwegian. Some excerpts from the book "The Prince who woke up" about the life of the Buddha, and an article "The Myth of Hinayana", are provided in English translation.

Korean Readings in Mahasi Tradition of Vipassana Meditation. Korean Translation of "The Word of the Buddha" by Nyanatiloka Mahathera.

You can download Buddhist talks in Sinhala MP3 and Dhamma E-Books in Sinhala from this website.

A personal blog with the slogan: "Not to do any evil, to cultivate good, to purify one's mind, this is the Teaching of the Buddhas."

Aspectos fundamentales del budismo.

Fra buddhismens grunntekster.

Vietnamese Buddhist Page, with Unicode Times font.