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Site about the great Thai master Ajahn Buddhadasa, - life, works, extracts, photos.

Soetras van de Boeddha – Nederlandse Vertalingen

In the Theravada Archive you will find many beautiful and important discourses. There's a unique Buddhist Dictionary available with hundreds of terms and doctrines.

Umfangreichen Internetdarstellung über die Lehre des Buddha.

- Textos em Português

- Literatura budista/ Literatura oriental (produções do C.E.B.)

More than twenty Dhamma talks in Khmer.

The website also presents Pali-Khmer chanting.

Systematický přehled Buddhova učení v jeho vlastních slovech

Tyto stránky jsou o theravádovém buddhismu, buddhistickém učení Dhammě, o Sri Lance.

Basic information on mindfulness meditation practice (vipassana), teachers, courses, books and audio.

The BUDUSARANA, published in Sinhala, is one of Sri Lanka's oldest and currently the only weekly Buddhist publication in South Asia. It has a wide readership among Buddhists in Sri Lanka and there are many overseas subscribers as well.
Every issue of the BUDUSARANA offers a selection of articles on all aspects of Buddhism, written by erudite priests, eminent scholars and other regular contributors. Articles are also published occasionally in Tamil and in English.