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Offers thumbnail sketches of Dhamma teachers, their background and teaching approach, and ultimately, some reference as to where they teach or how to contact them.

Ajaan Lee was one of the foremost teachers in the Thai forest ascetic tradition of meditation founded at the turn of the century by his teacher, Phra Ajaan Mun Bhuridatta. His life was short but eventful. Known for his skill as a teacher and his mastery of supranatural powers, he was the first to bring the ascetic tradition out of the forests of the Mekhong basin and into the mainstream of Thai society in central Thailand.

A guide to mindfulness and Vipassana meditation as taught by Luangpor Pramote.

Books by Phra Pramote Pamojjo:

- Path to Enlightment I;

-- For You, The Newcomer: A Simple and Ordinary Essay on Dhamma (in English);

-- For You, The Newcomer (in Japanese);

- Path to Enlightment II;

- Path of Freedom.

Biographies and photos of several Burmese masters: Ledi Sayadaw, Sayadaw U Thittila, Ashin Janakabhivamsa, Mahasi Sayadaw Ashin Sobhana, Taungpulu Tawya Kaba-Aye Sayadaw, Sayadaw U Uttamasara, Sayadaw U Vicittasarabhivamsa, Myaungmya Sayadaw U Nyanika, U Lokanarhta, Dr. Rewata Dhamma, Saddhammaransi Sayadaw Ashin Kundalabhivamsa, Ashin Nyanissara, Chanmyay Sayadaw Ashin Janakabhivamsa, Nyaunggan-Aye Sayadaw Ashin Eindaka, Ashin Pyinnyathiha, Venerable Dhammasami.

The writings and speeches of Dr Ambedkar, the father of India's Constitution, who converted to Buddhism together with millions of his "untouchable" followers.


This is the site of Michael Kewley, former Buddhist monk and disciple of the late Sayadaw Rewata Dhamma. Contains full biography, Dhamma Discourse, Koan page, photo gallery, book and CD shop and teaching agenda.

A German-born Jewish nun who lived from 1923 to 1997. She wrote over two dozen books on meditation and the Buddha's teaching in English and German. In 1988, her book Being Nobody, Going Nowhere, received the Christmas Humphreys Memorial Award. Her other English language books include When the Iron Eagle Flies, and Who is My-Self. This site includes a brief biography.

Biographical data of widely known figures, from T.W. Rhys-Davids to Ajahn Sumedho.

An alternative approach to the Buddha's teaching, this website makes more widely available the writings of the late Ven. Ñanavira Thera which, though of extraordinary quality and depth, do not -- for different reasons -- attract any of the established Buddhist publishers.

Biography and the Dhamma discourses given by Myingyan Sun Lun Gu Kyaung Sayadaw U Kavi: Sun Lun Way of Meditation.

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