Theravāda Buddhism Web Directory

On this website you will find suggestions and encouragement for reading the teachings of the Buddha as found in the Pali Canon of the Theravada Buddhist tradition. The intention is to build a relationship with the suttas through perpetual daily contact.

A book by Venerable Ajahn Sumedho on The Four Noble Truths, the central teaching of the Buddha: that the unhappiness of humanity can be overcome through spiritual means.

This book by Bhikkhu Ariyesako provides a very readable summary of the bhikkhus' (monks') rules, with a particular emphasis on giving laypeople a better understanding of the monks' way of life. Included also are questions-and-answers concerning the proper etiquette for laypeople when in the company of monks, examples of the particular customs and rules of etiquette that apply at specific Theravada monasteries, and a wealth of other valuable information.

Inspiring Dhamma blog, maintained by the Majjhima Dhamma Centre (Singapore).

A semiannual jourmal of Vipassana community. Each issue of Inquiring Mind explores in depth a particular theme or subject that is of relevance to Westerners interested in the teachings of Buddhadharma.

First written in 1987 and now translated into over 14 languages, Good Question Good Answer provides clear, thoughtful and lively answers to more than 130 commonly asked questions about Buddhism.


Online book. A rendering by Ven. S. Dhammika & links concerning Buddhism, esp. in India.


On Leigh Brasington’s site, a collection of study guides & related resources. If you’re not sure which of the many Pali suttas to start with, try these.

Extensive collection of materials, maintained by Bhikkhu Samahita.


- Pāli Canon Tipiṭaka texts in English translation;

- Dhamma Visuals - Buddhist Images & Sacred Places;

- Buddhist Dictionary of Nyanatiloka Mahathera.


A presentation of Theravada Buddhism: 'Life of the Buddha in Pictures', fundamental concepts and a collection of creative short essays on the Dhamma, and on Buddhist meditation.