Theravāda Buddhism Web Directory

The dual purpose of this website is to provide free access to downloadable educational materials for (i) Dhamma practice and (ii) English language learning.

A collection of practical Theravada Buddhism materials in many languages.

* Major Rock Edicts -- Fourteen edicts and the two separate edicts found at sites in Kalinga.

* Minor Rock Inscriptions -- The Minor Rock Edict, the Queen's Edict, the Barabar Cave Inscriptions, and the Kandahar bilingual Inscriptions

* A second section of this division consists of minor rock inscriptions concerned entirely with the Buddhist community or Buddhist generally. These include the Bhabra Inscription, the Rummindei Pillar Inscription, the Nigalisagar Pillar Inscription, and the Schism Edict.

* The Pillar Edicts -- Seven Pillar Edicts.

The BPS intends to put both its complete Wheel Publication Series and its complete Bodhi Leaf Publication Series, as well as some book publications, on this website.

Electronic editions of Buddhist Publication Society's Wheel series - substantial booklets covering a wide range of topics from the Abhidhamma to Buddhist reflections on today's vital problems.

A manual of Abhidhamma, the authorship of which is attributed to venerable Anuruddha Thera, which gives an epitome of the entire Abhidhamma Pitaka. Edited in the original Pali Text with English Translation and Explanatory Notes by Narada Thera. (For advanced readers only)

The original Teachings of Gotama Buddha are available online in simple English, translated by distinguished Buddhist Scholars from Burma (Myanmar) where Theravada Buddhism prospers in pristine form. Registered readers of TIPITAKA On-line will receive the articles or the daily digest by Email, or view at the site as options.

Both and focuses bringing people around the world news and information relating Buddhism. Information and updates that can change the way you look at life. Information that helps you understands perspectives of Buddhism. Information that lead you to live a better life. Buddhism is all about a way of life. A great way of life.  A life that spread generosity, love and care for every living thing on this world and beyond.

A very well-known book on Buddhism for beginners written by Ven. Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda. It has guided a great number of people to Buddhism.

By Ven. Henepola Gunaratana. The full text of this sterling Dharma book, published in hardcopy by Wisdom Books, is available online.