Sociedade Budista Do Brasil

Estrada Dom Joaquim Mamede, 45 Santa Tereza
Rio de Janeiro

The Brazil Buddhist Society (Sociedade Budista do Brasil) was officially founded in 1967, by members of Theosophist Society of Brazil. In its previous statements it was included the main mission to bring into knowledge all the Buddhist Schools and the culture of Buddhist countries.

Despite it was initially presented with a generalist proposal, in its time evolution our Society constituted itself as a place for refugee in Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha, accordingly to the Pali Canon (Tipitaka) and to the teachings and practices of Theravada School.

The present mission of our Society is to be a reference as a Study Center of Theravada Budhism in regional and national levels, thus contributing in the spreading of Buddha Dhamma, Lord Buddha's Teachings.

Located in: Brazil