Vishwa Shanti Vihar

Meen Bhawan

Under the active leadership of founder/ organizer of the Vihara Ven. Bhikshu Jnanapurnik Mahasthavira, Vishwa Shanti Vihara was established on Oct. 5, 1984 in a piece of land with a new small monastery generously donated by a devotee Miss Chaitya Maya Shakya, for the noble purpose of strengthening Theravada Buddhist Education and Meditation practices and also as a centre for Buddhist studies and researches. Through the generous donation of Malaysian and Singaporean devotees it was renovated to its present form on Oct 25, 1997, especially to house a World Peace Buddhist School to produce educated and capable Buddhist monks and nuns, in order to produce man-power for upgrading and propagating Theravada Buddhism in Nepal.

Located in: Nepal