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Страница, посвященная Тхераваде - статья Джека Конфилда об Ачаане Чаа и статья Ачаана Брахмавамсо "Окончание вещей".

Une étude approfondie de l'enseignement originel de Bouddha.

À la fois riche d'informations et rédigé dans un langage facile, il présente, sous une vaste panoplie d'aspects, les éléments nécessaires à la compréhension de cet enseignement, et à ses inestimables bénéfices. Par conséquent, il donne à chacun la motivation de suivre cette noble voie, et nous espérons être en mesure de pouvoir vous y aider au mieux.

The Nibbana Meditation Association is a non-profit organization for Buddhists practicing samatha and vipassana meditation according to the teachings and techniques taught by the late Ven. Nyanarama Mahathera.

Jurnalul unui practicant buddhist (Theravada).

This blog is created with the intention of helping to spread the light of the Buddha-Dhamma in the world. It is be regarded as a humble gift of Dhamma from a practicing lay Theravadin.

The Pāli words are spoken by Ven. Mettavihari.

PDF file of book by Charles Duroiselle.

Part 1: The Basics of Buddhist Practice

Part 2: Samadhi and Wisdom

Part 3: Teachings For the Monks


The Association of Theravāda Buddhist Universities (ATBU) is an inclusive global network. It unites the people, knowledge and skills of every Higher Education Institution with a specific mission to educate students to understand and practice the Buddha's Dhamma as presented in the Pāli Canon. It provides a framework within which Theravāda Buddhist Universities can:
* better understand each other's policies and activities and be better understood regionally and internationally;
* collaborate in administration, teaching, research and outreach;  
* recognize each other's qualifications.