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What Does MIDL Mean?

The MIDL meditator seeks to find the middle path by neither suppressing nor avoiding any experience, but rather by softening into and unifying within the experience itself.



  • MIDL = Mindfulness In Daily Life
  • The Middle Way = MIDL is also a play on words that points towards the middle balance, or ‘Middle Way’ (MIDL Way) as revealed in the first talk given by the Buddha (SN 56:11).


What is MIDL Meditation?

The MIDL Meditation System is a systematic Buddhist insight meditation practice based on the Satipatthana Sutta, that has been designed for daily life. The MIDL meditator seeks to find the middle path by neither suppressing nor avoiding any experience, but rather by softening into and unifying within the experience itself. This path leads to the fading of attraction and aversion towards pleasant and unpleasant feeling and a seamless integration of meditation into daily life.

Medlow Bath

Established in 1989, the Centre is set in 2 acres of garden in Medlow Bath, a town in the beautiful Blue Mountains of New South Wales, 2 hours drive west of Sydney. The method of meditation followed in this Centre is Satipatthana Vipassana or Insight Meditation.




Bodhisaddha provides a forest sanctuary in which monks and laypeople have the opportunity to encounter and practice the path of spiritual development taught by the Buddha.

The resident community of monks have an ideal environment to cultivate lives of meditation and service, while allowing visitors to receive teachings and to develop qualities of generosity, faith, mindfulness and wisdom in line with the Buddhist path.

Dedicated towards bringing peace into the lives of individuals and the surrounding community, Bodhisaddha welcomes all traditions that share this vision.


SIM is a not-for-profit association to support insight (or vipassana) meditation, a practice that the Buddha himself founded over 2500 years ago. SIM organises workshops, talks and retreats with both Australia-based and overseas renowned meditation teachers. The programs, except where noted, are suitable for beginning as well as experienced meditators. SIM does not offer weekly sittings but is affiliated with several local meditation groups (sanghas) which do.


Tallowwood Sangha is a meditation group practicing in the Insight Meditation tradition under the guidance of Sexton Bourke and Will James, both members of the Insight Teacher Circle Australia.


Edensor Park

Wat Phrayortkeo temple belongs spiritually to the Lao Buddhist community and to all Buddhists throughout NSW. and Australia as a whole. It is a sacred place where all Buddhists may gather to express their religion and culture. This temple is a place where all Lao Buddhists can worship, celebrate and find a serene life.



The Panditarama Sydney Meditation Centre (PSMC) was established in 2000 by our Venerable Sayadaw U Panditabhivamsa of Panditarama Shwe Taungone Meditation Centre of Yangon to contribute the experience of Dhamma to meditators (yogis). It is one of the Buddhist meditation institutions in Sydney and it is open all year round.



The Lankarama Buddhist temple is a place of devotion, worship and meditation for all Buddhists. It is a place of assembly for people interested in the teachings of the Buddha and the practice of Buddhism. It is an abode for resident and visiting Buddhist monks. Abbot: Ven. Rajakeeya Pandita Dhammagavesi.


Wisemans Ferry

Wat Buddha Dhamma is a Theravadin Forest Monastery devoted to the training of monks, nuns and lay practitioners. People are welcome to visit and it is possible to arrange to stay as a guest for a period of time, sharing in the lifestyle of the monastic community. The Wat encourages the development of seclusion, simplicity and renunciation. It is the dedicated commitment to this way of life that facilitates a communal atmosphere where people of diverse backgrounds, nationalities, and personalities can live in harmony and to practice the Teachings of the Lord Buddha to realise Ultimate Liberation.



The Buddhist Library and Meditation Centre is a non-sectarian, not-for-profit religious and educational organization based in Camperdown, Sydney. The centre was founded in 1992 by a group of individuals committed to raising public awareness about Buddhism. The core aim is to provide courses, information and Buddhist resources to its members, the public, other Buddhist organisation in Australia, and the media.