Blog mostly focused on the Pali suttas and meditation practice.

Richard Harrold's blog.

Buddhist-related thoughts of Jason.

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Blog of Ven. Yuttadhammo.

Blog of Adva Rodogovsky, largely dedicated to the practice of gratitude.

Happenings, hopes, inquiries, observations, & the like from Liberation Park, a young Dhamma refuge in southwestern Wisconsin, with roots in the Theravada tradition of Buddhism.

A blog dedicated to reflections on the Dharma and announcements about Dharma events in the Ottawa region.

Blog of Ven. Ven. Chao Khun Bhavanaviteht (Luangpor Khemadhammo), abbot of The Forest Hermitage (UK) since 1985.

Blog of Ven. Shravasti Dhammika.

Notes and Dhamma compilations of Ven. Gavesako Bhikkhu.

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Blog of Ajahn Manapo, an English Buddhist monk of the Theravadin Thai Forest Tradition living and practising at the Forest Hermitage in Warwickshire.

Blog of a Theravada Buddhist monk, disciple of Maha Ghosananda of Cambodia, who lives in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Articles on Buddhism For Thoughtful Mind.

Wordwide Buddhism Information and Education Network.

Both and focuses bringing people around the world news and information relating Buddhism. Information and updates that can change the way you look at life. Information that helps you understands perspectives of Buddhism. Information that lead you to live a better life. Buddhism is all about a way of life. A great way of life.  A life that spread generosity, love and care for every living thing on this world and beyond.

Practicing the Dhamma-vinaya in the context of a full-blown lay life.

This blog is created with the intention of helping to spread the light of the Buddha-Dhamma in the world. It is be regarded as a humble gift of Dhamma from a practicing lay Theravadin.