Empty Bell's resource page on inter-fatih issues. Includes articles, books and links.

Online book that critically examines Christianity and highlights the logical, philosophical and ethical problems in Christian dogma providing Buddhists with facts which they can use when Christians attempt to evangelize them.

A research study on the teachings of J. Krishnamurti in the light of what the Buddha said, and in the light of vipassana practice advocated by S.N. Goenka.

Extensive website covering the paradoxes and overlaps between religions including those between Buddhism & Christianity. Includes topics such as Jesus's life in India, Christian belief in reincarnation, etc. Useful for research, but contains weird stuff too.

A Theravada Buddhist response to Pope John Paul II's 1994 book "Crossing the Threshold of Hope", which was unabashedly critical of -- and remarkably ill-informed about -- the Buddhist religion. Bhikkhu Bodhi here skillfully avoids any discussion of possible motives for the Pope's demeaning treatment of Buddhism, and instead addresses the specific doctrinal points that were raised in the book.

Buddhism for urban America. Newsletter and news (with photos) about monastic life, free e-books.