Introduction to Theravada Buddhism


A comprehensive introduction to the life and teachings of the Buddha according to the Theravadin School.

A series of maps illustrating points of interest in the Life of the Buddha, the surroundings he taught in, and the development of Buddhism throughout Asia.

Classic text by Henry Steel Olcott updated for the modern reader.

An excellent book by P.V. Bapat, describing history of Buddhism, principal schools, Buddhist literature, education and art.

Book by Bhikkhu Nanamoli. Among the numerous lives of the Buddha, this volume may well claim a place of its own. Composed entirely from texts of the Pali Canon, the oldest authentic record, it portrays an image of the Buddha which is vivid, warm, and moving. Chapters on the Buddha's personality and doctrine are especially illuminating, and the translation is marked by lucidity and dignity throughout.

These pages invite you to explore some of the Buddha's basic teachings as they are presented in the Pali Canon. Each page in this section contains a selection of short passages from the suttas that introduce or illustrate different aspects of a single topic.

Several texts on Buddha's life story.

This website seeks to introduce Buddhism, and to help find the answers to life as well as the afterlife. Applying the teachings of Buddhism to daily life are also explained here in practical everyday terms. There are answers to interesting questions on Buddhism and modern science, kamma and rebirth, creation myths and many more. Also included in this website is a section on the daily practice of Buddhism. There are also lots of e-books, talks on MP3 and video clips in our Downloads section.

An excellent description of Theravada Buddhism by John Bullitt in Access To Insight, a premier website on Theravada Buddhism.

Essential information with useful links.

- Story: Read the story of the life of the Buddha;

- Explore: Investigate the Great Stupa of Amaravati;

- Challenge Game: Match symbols of the Buddha.

See also the resources for teachers:

A comprehensive description of modern Thai Buddhism, Buddhist ceremonies and Thai Temples.

The story and explanation of the term "Hinayana", by Kåre A. Lie.

Description of Buddhism in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma) and Bangladesh.

Buddhists of various nationalities describe their varied ways of finding the Buddha Dhamma.

Who is the Buddha really? What is he? And what did he teach?
Is he important for me? What meaning does he have for me?

Find your answers here and take the first steps to a new life, lived with wisdom and compassion.

Tipitaka in Myanmar language.

Dhamma talks and books by Theravada monks and teachers.

Dhamma Audio DataBase, Dhamma Video DataBase, Dhamma Book DataBase and Tipitaka Database.

Current news and opinions on Buddhism.

A Buddhist way of life would call for Buddhist economics, just as the modern materialist way of life has brought forth modern economics.

A Do-It-Yourself guide to taking the Three Refuges and becoming a Buddhist.

The site has many books by Mahasi Sayadaw in English as well as other resources and guidelines for Vipassana meditation. It also talks about the Great Buddhist Councils that occurred in history and the fate of the Theravada and Mahayana.