This site is a non-profit and non-profit website established by Theravada Buddhist netizens.

All the contents of the website are designed to guide all living beings to eliminate suffering.

Pali-Chinese translations of the suttas.

The site has all the Chinese agamas, with some difficult terms underlined that can be mouse-overed for an explanation, and parallel Pali text in adjoining window.

A space for communication within Tai-Nan, Taiwan, and even the global village. In addition, it aims at introducing Theravada Buddhism to Dhamma friends in Taiwan.

Hong Kong

Dedicated to the teachings of Sri Lankan lay teacher Godwin Samararatne.

Readings in Theravadan Buddhism in Chinese Translation.

A personal blog with the slogan: "Not to do any evil, to cultivate good, to purify one's mind, this is the Teaching of the Buddhas."


Chinese Theravada Buddhism Dhamma resource.