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The Perth Insight Meditation Group is a group of dhamma practitioners who invite meditation teachers from around the world to conduct retreats in Perth.


Osborne Park

Supports Wat Thamkrabok, a monastery in the mountains 120 km north of Bangkok, which offers Drug Detoxification and Rehabilitation.


Mahogany Creek

The International Meditation Centre in Western Australia was founded in 1978 to promote the practice of Buddhist Vipassana meditation as taught by the late Sayagyi U Ba Khin.


Sri Lankan Buddhist temple.



The Dhamma Sukha Meditation Centre (DSMC) Australia is an urban meditation centre for the practice of Vipassana or Insight meditation. It is a residential centre in Springvale, Victoria, Australia, dedicated to the study and practice of Buddhist teachings.
Started in 2003, DSMC functions as a Dhamma school, providing Buddhist teaching for the moral development of devotees and children. DSMC also aims to provide facilities for educating and training of Buddhist monks.
DSMC offers a broad range of practice and community activities. This includes a weekly schedule of meditation sessions, dhamma talks (talks on Buddhist teaching and practice), classes, group discussions, and a variety of meditation and study retreats.
DSMC does not require payment for any of our teachings or meetings. The support of our teachers and all our centre expenses is done through the voluntary donations of our community.
DSMC is guided by resident Chief Abbot Sayadaw U Pandita.



Situated in Berwick, Victoria (Melbourne), this Vihara (temple) was founded by Ven. Gangodawila Soma Thera in 1993.   

East Malvern

The Buddhist Society of Victoria (BSV) is a centre for the learning and practice of Buddhism in Victoria, Australia. The BSV conducts regular meditation classes and retreats, and facilitates talks on Buddhist teachings given by monks and nuns and respected lay teachers.  All activities are conducted in English and are free of charge.


This group caters for intensive practice for experienced meditators in the Satipathana Vipassana tradition of the late Venerable Mahasi Sayadaw of Burma.