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Автор Ассаджи, 16:24 07 июля 2007

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Биографический фильм о досточтимом Дхамманандо (Роберте Эддисоне), модераторе форума по пали на портале E-Sangha:


Еще один фильм о монахе, интересный и вдохновляющий:

"Santeri decides to become a monk in Thailand and to give up everything he has in Finland. His sister and the director of the documentary Anja Ahola, wants to understand her brother's great decision to leave behind his possessions, friends and family and to become an ascetic Buddhist monk for the rest of his life."

You need to request the link and the password via PM from me personally or from my sister by mail. The film is for private use only and further inquiries about it should be directed to: