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At the Buddhist Place we aim to create an environment in which people can learn about and practice the teachings of the Buddha. We organize various events and activities to further Dharma practice, and to increase awareness of Dharma in the Peterborough area.




West End Buddhist Centre is dedicated to building a community of support in the larger Canadian community that nourishes intellectual and spiritual growth while embracing our Buddhist traditions. 



Dharma Retreats was founded in July 1998.

Our purpose is to provide retreats for people who wish to learn and deepen their practise of Vipassana/Insight Meditation and Metta/LovingKindness Meditation.



This site is a resource for practitioners of Vipassana (insight meditation) based on the teachings of Theravada Buddhism and the Venerable Ajahn Tong Sirimangalo, one of Thailand's most respected meditation masters. Courses advertised on this site are suitable for both beginner and experienced meditators.

Caledon East

Laotian Theravadan Buddhist Temple.


Severn Bridge

Rev. Sister Khema Nandi is a Theravada Buddhist nun trained in the Mahasi tradition. She was a founder and the resident director of the Buddha Sasana Yeiktha meditation centre.


The Ottawa Buddhist Society serves Theravada Buddhists of all backgrounds in and around Ottawa, Canada's Capital.
All who support the Society and its objectives are welcome to Society activities: meditation retreats, days of mindfulness, Friday evening meetings at 91A Fourth Avenue Dharma study groups and to become members.


Nova Scotia

Buddhayana Forest Retreat is a Buddhist meditation retreat center, set in the beautiful mixed hardwood forest of Nova Scotia's Cobequid Highlands. Our center offers self-directed and self-sufficient temporary, monastic style meditation retreats.


About the meditation:

The course emphasizes dynamic/active meditation which helps the meditator create the perfect balance between the inner and outer world. There are no rituals, no prayer, no blind faith. YOU discover truth YOURSELF with the guidance of a meditation master. You will learn how to find and correct those things in you that have been causing you suffering for all these years. You will become a master in your daily life.


True North Insight is a charitable organization that offers a full schedule of insight meditation retreats and courses in English and French.