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Dhamma Talks delivered by Late Ven. Amatha Gavesi Thera of Sri Lanka during meditation retreats in Singapore in 1992.

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Listen to dharma talks offered by Tara Brach and guest teachers at the Insight Meditation Community of Washington.

Free, ready, access to Dhamma teachings given at Aruna Ratanagiri , a Theravadan Buddhist monastery in the meditation tradition of The Venerable Ajahn Chah. The monastery itself is located in NE England where Ajahn Munindo is abbot.
- English Dhamma talks by well known teachers such as Bhikkhu Bodhi and Ven. Narada Thera, Bhante Punnaji and Bhante Yogavacara Rahula;
- Sutta chants in Pali, the original language of the Buddha;
- Sinhala Dhamma talks by well known teachers such as Madihe Pannasiha Thera, Narada Thera, Gangodawila Soma Thera and others.
Nongbua Lamphu

At present, this site hosts mainly talks on Dhamma (including guided and metta meditation) by Ajahn Martin Piyadhammo, along with photos and further information.

Dhamma talks given by various teachers in the Theravadin Forest Sangha tradition -- Venerable Ajahn Chah and his pupils.

This site offers an extensive collection of English translations of suttas from the Pāli Canon, as well as a multitude of free downloads of Dhamma from the Kammaṭṭhāna (or Thai Forest) Tradition of Buddhism. Ṭhānissaro Bhikkhu of Metta Forest Monastery is the speaker, author or translator unless otherwise noted.

This site is dedicated to the teachings of Venerable Ayya Khema (1923-1997), a Theravada Buddhist nun ordained in Sri Lanka . Her teachings (which were prolific) describe simple and effective meditation methods for development of calm and insight, for expanding feelings of loving-kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity towards others, and for overcoming obstacles to practice. She also gives detailed and lucid instructions for the meditative absorptions (jhanas) which provide access to higher states of consciousness, the way the Buddha himself practiced.


A library of free audio recordings of English translations of Pali suttas, selected and read aloud by respected Dhamma teachers within the Theravada Buddhist tradition.

- Dhamma talks by selected teachers (Achan Chah, Ajahn Amaro, Ajahn Jumnien, Ajahn Liem and others);

- Dhamma talks by popular North American Buddhist teachers, including Sharon Salzberg, Jack Kornfield, Joseph Goldstein;

- Retreat talks from many monasteries and meditation centers.

English-language interview of Buddhadasa Bhikkhu made by Christopher Titmus. German & English talks by Tissa Weeraratna, Ven. U. Dhammajiva and other Venerables.

Dhamma talks by Cambodian teachers: Venerable Maha Ghosananda, Venerable Maha Hok Savann, Venerable Vipassanacara Som Bunthoeun, Venerable Vipassanacara Keo Hong, Venerable Preah Maha Ung Mean Candavanno, Venerable Preah Maha Ngen Pen, Venerable Vothano Sophan Seng (in Khmer), plus Dhamma Teachings in English by Most Venerable Chanmyay Sayadaw.

A volunteer project to make audio book version of freely available translations from the Pali Canon.


Bhante Bodhidhamma, an English monk for 20 years, is the Spiritual Director of the Satipanya Buddhist Trust. The Satipanya Buddhist Trust is devoted to Vipassana Insight Meditation in the Tradition of the Mahasi Sayadaw of Burma.

On this website, you can freely download or listen on-line most of the Dhamma Talks which were given by Burmese monks over the years. You will be able to find talks in Burmese and English languages.

Audio archives of the Majjhima Nikaya class given by Bhikku Bodhi.


Here you can understand deeper the ideas on Dhamma expressed by this widely known monk and translator.


Pali and English chantings, plus guided meditations.

Current manifestation of a wish to share the Dharma by preserving the oral tradition of the Buddha's teachings and by supporting those in daily practice by distributing contemporary Theravadan Vipassana teachings. Nonprofit organization offering audiotapes of popular North American Buddhist teachers, including Sharon Salzberg, Jack Kornfield, Joseph Goldstein.

These Dhamma talks of Than Acharn Maha Boowa have been translated by a Thai Bhikkhu into English.