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Pyin Oo Lwin Township (Maymyo)
Mandalay Division

Sayalay Dīpaṅkara generously extends her good conditions to other practitioners by conceptualizing, designing, and overseeing the construction of what is now the Brahma Vihārī Meditation Centre at Maymyo, Myanmar. Meditators benefited from her deeper intentions and abided unknowingly in the conditions, true to the Visuddhimagga and the Tipiṭaka.


In devoting her energy in sharing the Dhamma worldwide, students are able to stay within Brahma Vihārī  for longer retreats through acts of dana. The rest of the year, Sayalay travels to the people who wish to learn, leaving little time for herself for self-practice and rest.


Sayalay teaches the forty kammaṭṭhāna leading to samādhi and vipassanā practice, and many other qualities a Buddhist needs to know and embody.

Uttar Pradesh

In a silent environment, this retreat consists of insight meditation (Vipassana) in the four primary postures, one to one meetings with the teacher (s), daily talks, inquiry and comprehensive instructions with teachings on mindfulness, the depths of inner experience and liberation. Suitable for beginners and experienced meditators.

Tambon Mae Win
Chiang Mai

Center of Dhamma Practice and study for Thai and international meditators.

Ho Chi Minh

Phật Giáo Nguyên Thủy - Nguồn cội của Phật Giáo ngày nay - Nơi tham khảo thông tin về Phật Pháp chính xác nhất.

The Golden Path, or Shwe Lan Ga Lay, is a unique guide for Dhamma seekers who wish to develop in paṭipatti (practice) and pariyatti (theory) while in Myanmar, as well as to gain an appreciation of Burmese Buddhist and monastic life. Helpful logistical information is supplemented with yogi anecdotes, historical background, scholarly research, authentic local voices, Burmese proverbs, original artwork, inspiring photographs, and wisdom from some of the country's foremost monks, nuns, and meditation teachers.

Photographs of Thai Temples & Buddha Images by Richard Barrow.

Petaling Jaya

A community-based society located in a suburb of Petaling Jaya, providing opportunities for the practice of Dhamma.

Kuala Lumpur

The Buddish Maha Vihara was founded by the Sinhalese community based in Kuala Lumpur and the surrounding areas in 1894 to provide a place of worship in their Sri Lankan Theravada tradition.


Panditārāma  Shwe-taung-gon Sasana Yeiktha is a meditation and study monastery.  Established in October 1990 by Venerable Ovadacariya Sayadaw U Panditabhivamsa, this centre follows the great lineage of the late Venerable Mahasi  Sayadaw.
The method of meditation taught here is observation of body, sensation, mind and general objects like seeing, hearing, smelling, etc. Rise and fall of the abdomen when sitting, and steps when walking are main objects to observe.


Na Uyana Aranya (‘Ironwood Grove Forest Monastery’) is one of the oldest Buddhist forest monasteries in Sri Lanka, dating back to the time of King Uttiya (3rd Century BCE).

The modern revival of this ancient monastery during the past few decades has seen its emergence as one of the main meditation centres in the country. Today it is again a home to a thriving community of monastic and lay Buddhist practitioners.


At a glance:

• More than 5000 acres in land area;

• Residence to about 100 monks and 30 lay practitioners;

• Follows the Pa-Auk Meditation System;

• Strict adherence to Vinaya (Buddhist Monastic Discipline) and the Theravāda tradition;


• Dhammika Ashramaya is a separate nunnery affiliated with Na Uyana for female practitioners.

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