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The aim of the society is to conduct Vipassana discourses annually as well as to perform various religious activities under the guidance of our Venerable Chanmyay Sayadaw. The main aims are as follows.

1. To create a meditation center for the yogis to practice meditation any day whole year round.

2. To have residing Sayadaws who can teach Vipassana meditation in English, Burmese and Chinese.

3. To conduct teaching sessions on Buddhism, Burmese tradition and Culture, and Myanmar language to overseas Myanmar children.


Chanmyay Yeiktha ('Peaceful Hermitage') is a Buddhist meditation centre in Rangoon, Myanmar (Burma) where the teachers are senior Buddhist monks who teach Vipassana (Insight) meditation in Myanmar and English languages. Anyone who takes a keen interest in mental development can practise meditation here, regardless of sex, race, nationality and religion.


テーラワーダ仏教を 実践 勉強する人のためのサークルです 毎月第3日曜日に 自主冥想会 茶話会を開いています 参加ご希望の方 歓迎します


This site is designed to promote and propagate Buddhism and Lao culture.


The Society will:
* organize weekly group meditation sittings and monthly weekend retreats.
* foster discussions on how to incorporate the Dhamma into our everyday life and live mindfully, guided by our ultimate core values.
* invite teachers to lead intensive meditation retreats and give Dhamma Talks.
* organize classes to study and gain deeper understanding of the Buddha's Teachings.
* print free Dhamma booklets and materials to disseminate the Buddha's Teachings.
* maintain a website to provide information on the Society's activities, upcoming retreats, and inspiring articles and writings.


Parbatya Bouddha Mission (PBM) is a non-profit, non-government,socio-economic, humanitarian and religious(Buddhism) development Organization. It was established in 1983 with the end at highlighting socio-cultural and socio-economic condition of poor peoples of Chittagong Hill Tracts and since then this organization tirelessly pursuing its mission for uplifting the conditions of Ethnic Indigenous Minorities of the region. At present PBM is mainly working in the Khagrachari & Rangamati Hill District in Chittagong Hill Tracts. But it has planned to expand its activities in another Hill Districts in Chittagong Hill Tracts, and others region of the Country.

This community was set up as a dedication to the Meditation Teachers of the Forest Meditation Tradition of Thailand.


Vipassana meditation retreats fom November to February, in a natural environment surrounded by rice fields in an original Thai temple, located on the fringes of Bangkok, only about 40 minutes from Suvarnabhumi airport. Teachings in English-, German- and Thai language, suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners.

Kecamatan Desa Kumpay
Jawa Barat

Pada tahun 1996, Sayalay Dipankara mulai mengajarkan Dhamma dan membimbing retreat meditasi di berbagai negara.

Pada tahun 2006, Sayalay Dipankara mendirikan Brahma Vihari Meditation Centre di Maymyo, Myanmar, dengan tujuan untuk menyelenggarakan retret meditasi jangka panjang berskala internasional.

Sampai dengan sekarang ini, Sayalay Dipankara sering diundang untuk membimbing retret meditasi di Amerika Serikat, Kanada, Inggris, Jerman, Australia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Jepang, Korea, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Singapura, Indonesia, dll.

Dengan tujuan untuk penyebaran Dhamma dan penyelenggaraan retreat meditasi jangka panjang kepada masyarakat Indonesia dan masyarakat dari negara lainnya secara lebih luas, maka Brahma Vihari Meditation Centre Indonesia (BVMCI) didirikan pada bulan April 2014.


Brahma Vihari Meditation Centre located in Muar, Malaysia, was established in August 2015 by a group of Buddhists who appreciate deeply the teachings of the Buddha and aspire to support each other in the learning and practice of the Buddha’s teachings, especially in the area of meditation.

The society has been highly blessed with the strong support and close guidance from Sayalay Dipankara, an outstanding disciple of a great and highly respected meditation master, Ven. Pa-Auk Sayadaw of Myanmar.

From the linage of Sakyamuni Buddha, Sayalay teaches both Samatha (Concentration) and Vipassana (Insight) Meditation in a step-by-step manner. The objects of meditation commonly given to beginners are Anapanasati (Mindfulness of Breathing) or the Four Elements. The yogis will then be guided through the stages of purification and insight-knowledges. It is indeed a very precious and profound practice.