Measureless Mind is dedicated to everyone who draws inspiration from the discourses collected in the Pāli Nikāyas and who is motivated to practice the Buddhadhamma and live their lives in accord with these teachings.


The methodical practice of the Thirty-two Parts of the Body Meditation can help one penetrate and understand the true nature of the body.

Guided meditations by:
- Shaila Catherine;
- Gil Fronsdal;
- S.N Goenka;
- Bhante Gunaratana;
- Jack Kornfield;
- Ajahn Nyanadhammo;
- Sharon Salzberg;
- Ajahn Sumedho;
- Ajahn Sister Sundara;
- Sister Susila;
- Thanissaro Bhikkhu;
- Ajahn Sister Vayama;
- Ajahn Viradhammo.

An account of a ten day retreat at Suan Mokh, South Thailand by Steven Gilman.


An essay on aspects of the practice of breath meditation by Bhikkhu Sona.

Description: has loads of stuff on Vipassana Meditation: online meditation course, retreats calendar, bookstore (with very highly recommended books), online books, and many more to help meditators.