Guide to meditation centres and monasteries/hermitages, mostly in Southeast Asia (in German and English).

Here you will find descriptions of retreat places that Dieter Baltruschat and others have kindly gathered and written down over the last few years. We try to keep this information accurate and up-to-date, so that it can be a reliable resource for Buddhist meditators.


What Does MIDL Mean?

The MIDL meditator seeks to find the middle path by neither suppressing nor avoiding any experience, but rather by softening into and unifying within the experience itself.



  • MIDL = Mindfulness In Daily Life
  • The Middle Way = MIDL is also a play on words that points towards the middle balance, or ‘Middle Way’ (MIDL Way) as revealed in the first talk given by the Buddha (SN 56:11).


What is MIDL Meditation?

The MIDL Meditation System is a systematic Buddhist insight meditation practice based on the Satipatthana Sutta, that has been designed for daily life. The MIDL meditator seeks to find the middle path by neither suppressing nor avoiding any experience, but rather by softening into and unifying within the experience itself. This path leads to the fading of attraction and aversion towards pleasant and unpleasant feeling and a seamless integration of meditation into daily life.

Buddhist Meditation for Calm & Insight

Our mission is to enable people to live a moral, mindful and meaningful life, in the spirit of Theravāda Buddhism.

The foundation believes that the method of samatha meditation (concentration meditation) on buddho can make a valuable and essential contribution to this goal.

A concentrated mind is in the here and now, calm and peaceful. With such a mind you see things as they really are and gain insights that you cannot get out of books.

To achieve this concentration, we practice samatha meditation on buddho, a traditional Theravāda Buddhist meditation system.

With this meditation system you develop numerous wholesome qualities such as patience, mindfulness, energy, perseverance and wisdom, and thus a more content and happy life.

Redwood City

This course is based on Gil Fronsdal’s six-week Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation class. It’s supplemented with written material, exercises and reflections for bringing the practice into daily life.

  • 5 weeks of personal support is offered by various teachers either by email, or at pre-arranged times, using Phone, Skype or Google Talk.  (Gil does not offer any personal support.)
  • The course material is not live, so it can be done at any time during the day.
  • The course may also be Audited without personal teacher support.
Menlo Park

Bodhi Courses is dedicated to making the profound teachings of the Buddha, already offered locally, available in a global classroom. Our courses will address a range of topics intended to strengthen mindfulness and concentration skills, bring compassion and wisdom into daily life, illuminate the liberating potential of the dhamma, and encourage inquiry into what the Buddha taught.

Measureless Mind is dedicated to everyone who draws inspiration from the discourses collected in the Pāli Nikāyas and who is motivated to practice the Buddhadhamma and live their lives in accord with these teachings.

The methodical practice of the Thirty-two Parts of the Body Meditation can help one penetrate and understand the true nature of the body.

An account of a ten day retreat at Suan Mokh, South Thailand by Steven Gilman.

An essay on aspects of the practice of breath meditation by Bhikkhu Sona. has loads of stuff on Vipassana Meditation: online meditation course, retreats calendar, bookstore (with very highly recommended books), online books, and many more to help meditators.

This course, "First Steps," Units 1 and 2 of the longer 6 Unit course "Going Beyond what you Believe to be True," is foundational to the rest, though it is highly valuable as a course in itself.

In these two units you will learn a concentration practice which is an important foundation for mindfulness and insight. You will come to experience things as less substantial than they seem. You will be able to bring your body to a relaxed state.


Personal web-page that includes both Theravada (including the basics of jhana practice) and Tibetan Buddhism.
See also:

From this website you may download, as PDF files, class notes from courses given by Australian teacher Patrick Kearney since 2000. 'Serene and Clear' is an introduction to Buddhist meditation, 'Evam Me Suttam' is an introduction to reading the Buddhist suttas.

You can also find here Patrick Kearney's Dhamma talks in MP3 format.


A very highly reputed non-profit retreat center in central Massachusetts for intensive practice of Insight (Vipassana) Meditation.


The way of Silent Mind-Open Heart relies primarily on the teachings of the Buddha as presented in the Theravada Buddhist tradition. At the heart of this tradition is the practice of vipassana or insight meditation.

Philip Jones has practiced meditation since 1987 and has been teaching insight meditation since 1996. His primary teacher has been Matthew Flickstein, although he has also studied with teachers from the Insight Meditation Society and Spirit Rock Meditation Center as well as with Bhante Gunaratana.


The Skillful Meditation Project offers an approach to Buddhist Meditation based on what people actually experience when they meditate.