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Portland Friends of the Dhamma  is a Buddhist Meditation Center in Portland, Oregon, affiliated with and advised by the Abhayagiri monastic descendants of the Ajahn Chah, Ajahn Sumedho lineage.


Tri-State Dharma is an organization designed to promote the study and practice of Insight Meditation in the Buddhist Theravadin tradition in the geographic areas of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. As such, it is actively engaged in facilitating the existing Sangha (community of practitioners) in both study and practice. The organization sponsors retreats and other related activities throughout each calendar year in an effort to bring the teachings to the public.

Salt Lake City

Mindfulness does nothing but noticing, watching each occasion of experience as it arises, stands and passes away.  In the watching there is the freedom to choose how we will live that moment.   All are welcome to begin meditation with us or to continue with the support of the Sangha, a community of spiritual friends, dedicated to living a less stressful and more peaceful life.


The Austin Buddhist Vihara was founded on June 3rd, 2006 under the patronage of the resident monks, as a place of observance of the Therawada principles of Buddhism.


Del Valle

Mission: Promote education, inspire and support the Buddhist way of life in the USA and thereby work to ensure peace in individual's lives and in the world at large.



The Dallas Buddhist Center Objectives:
- To offer morning and evening chanting with meditation to lay people.
- Offer lay people the opportunity to make merit by designating every Sunday as a "Buddhist Holiday" where lay people can offer food/alms and decide morning chanting while monks have a lunch. The lay people will receive the "Five recepts" and blessing from the monks.
- Arrange for monks from Thailand to have a hance to visit the Buddhist Center of Dallas as a guest lectures.
- Provides students/visitors programs about Buddhism and Thai language and culture.
- Distribution Buddhist publications, audiocassettes and media information to lay people interested in Buddhism.
- Publication "Dallas San" every quarter for temple members featuring Dhamma topics, upcoming temple activities, and temple donation and income/expense financial statement.
- Provide lectures about Buddhism to any requesting public institution.

Port Arthur

Vietnamese Buu Mon Buddhist temple, established in 1980, was the first Buddhist center in Beaumont, Texas. In fact, thats where it gets its name. During its early stages, the temple moved to Orange, Texas for a few years and settled into its current location, in Port Arthur, Texas, in 1986.
Abbot Thich Huyen Viet and his small congregation moved in, and after much remodeling and renovation, had built a stupa where there was once a steeple, and installed seven foot tall guilt bronze Buddha seated on the altar in front of a fresco mural of a Bodhi tree on a rivers shore. The dedication ceremony for the current temple was held on August 15, 1987.


Founded in 1996 by the Venerable Ashin Nyanissara to provide a center for the practice of meditation and Dhamma study in a traditional monastic context.


Insight Meditation Community Houston (IMCH) is a supportive community for anyone who wishes to learn mindfulness and insight meditation practices and integrate them into their daily life.


The Mariposa Sangha offers weekly meditation, book discussions, beginning meditation instruction and Dharma talks. There are experienced meditators available to provide instruction. We collaborate with other Texas sanghas to offer retreats in Central Texas with visiting teachers from Spirit Rock in Woodacre, CA and Seattle Insight Meditation Society (SIMS). We enjoy occasional potlucks, Buddhist Movie Night and other social activities. Newcomers are welcome.


The vihara offers Dhamma teachings, meditation practice, Buddha pujas, and other activities in the Theravada tradition.  The resident monk, Ven. Rahula Pinnagoda, is a native of Sri Lanka.


Carolina Buddhist Vihara provides a home in a quiet neighborhood in Mauldin for one or two monks at a time. They live in accordance with the ancient Vinaya strict code of monastic discipline. The monks divide their time each day between personal development in seclusion and offering services to the general public.