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Vipassana group that holds silent meditation on Tuesday evenings.


Details of retreats and Dhamma teachings.

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Društvo theravadskih budistov Bhavana je bilo ustanovljeno na dan Pavarane, dne 10. oktobra 2003. Sedež društva je v Ljubljani, Andreaševa 1. Društvo združuje ljudi, ki jih zanima budistična misel in praksa, s posebnim poudarkom na theravadski tradiciji, ter razvijanje te tradicije skozi meditativne, filozofske in moralno etične vidike.


Dhammadipa is een vipassana meditatiecentrum in de traditie van Mahasi Sayadaw. Het biedt begeleiding voor en mogelijkheden tot:

- beoefening van vipassana meditatie,

- bestudering van de leer van de Boeddha (dhamma en abhidhamma),

- aanverwante activiteiten zoals themadagen rond bijvoorbeeld metta meditatie.

Zentrum fr Buddhistische Ausbildung und Kultur.
Leiter: Bhante Dr. Seelawansa.

Die Theravada Gruppe Salzburg hat die Lehre und Praxis des Theravada-Buddhismus nach dem Pali-Kanon zum Ziel. Bei der Meditation wird vor allem die Vipassana-Meditation als Technik angewandt.



Le Dhamma Group de Bruxelles existe depuis 1986. Il s’agit d’une association bouddhiste de tradition théravada dont le but est principalement de faire connaître et de diffuser la méditation vipassana telle qu’elle pratiquée en Birmanie.

Joshua Tree

Dhamma Dena, a Vipassana Buddhist center,  was founded almost forty years ago by pioneer Buddhist teacher Ruth Denison, one of only four westerners initiated as a teacher by the eminent Burmese meditation master Sayagi U Ba Khin.  The Center is named for Dhammadina, a female disciple of the Buddha, and is situated in the Mojave Desert of California, near Palm Springs and Joshua Tree National Monument. 

Dhamma Dena offers daily meditation in the dharma hall, as well as offering several retreats each year.  Ruth Denison created an enduring and unique method of practicing Vipassana, focused on mindfulness in every moment, with the attention always to this present moment, as experienced directly through the movement and sensations of the body.  This  unique style of Vipassana meditation has influenced most of the contemporary Theravada teachers in the West, who now incorporate some form of mindful movement into their retreats. This style of teaching remains the hallmark of our center, and is carried on by her appointed teachers, with the same beautiful benefits to all who join us to practice here...

Visitors are always welcome for daily meditation or formal retreats.  Dedicated dharma practitioners who are able to be self-sufficient and independent may contact the center to arrange for personal practice time here, after discussing your needs with the staff.  Feel free to contact the Center about the possibility of a visit.

The aim of the society is to conduct Vipassana discourses annually as well as to perform various religious activities under the guidance of our Venerable Chanmyay Sayadaw. The main aims are as follows.

1. To create a meditation center for the yogis to practice meditation any day whole year round.

2. To have residing Sayadaws who can teach Vipassana meditation in English, Burmese and Chinese.

3. To conduct teaching sessions on Buddhism, Burmese tradition and Culture, and Myanmar language to overseas Myanmar children.


Chanmyay Yeiktha ('Peaceful Hermitage') is a Buddhist meditation centre in Rangoon, Myanmar (Burma) where the teachers are senior Buddhist monks who teach Vipassana (Insight) meditation in Myanmar and English languages. Anyone who takes a keen interest in mental development can practise meditation here, regardless of sex, race, nationality and religion.