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The objective of this website was to develop an interactive, user friendly and easy to understand website filled with Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha information for individuals interested in Basic Buddhism as well as to individuals learning Advanced Studies in Buddhism. The path Lord Buddha set 2500 years ago for people to attain the highest form of happiness (Nirvana) cannot be followed if one is not properly educated. This site strives to provide this education. has provided various Audio, Video, Pictures, eBook files and more to supplement the information. The goal of this site is to educate anyone who is interested in Buddhism and following the way of the Dhamma.

The words of the Buddha and their timeless teaching of truth and compassion bring a reminder of what is meaningful, and bring clarity and insight in the midst of our daily lives. is pleased to offer a daily e-mail service, delivering an inspiring and uplifting quote of the Buddha to your inbox.

- Commentary on the Anguttura Nikaya
- Commentary on the Samyutta Nikaya
- Commentary on the Sutta Nipata
- Commentary on the Udana
- Commentary on the Buddhavamsa
- FAQs on Buddhism
- A Commentary on the "Flood" Sutra
- Quotes from Buddhist Teachers
- Sayadaw U Janaka's Meditation Guidelines

This book has been compiled by a group of people who had practised samatha meditation for some years, and approached abhidhamma as a means to a deeper understanding of both meditation practice and everyday experience. The basis of their study was the Abhidhammattha-sangaha, the book traditionally used in many Buddhist countries.

This page documents the establishment of the bhikkhu sangha in new lands outside the Theravada Buddhist countries of South East Asia.

Many freely downloadable books on Theravada Buddhism by teachers such as Sujin Boriharnwanaket and Nina van Gorkom.

A rare collection of old translations of Pali texts, including Digha Nikaya, Dhammapada, and much more.

Books, Articles, Views and News on Theravada Buddhism. Zolag (formerly Triple Gem Press) is a publisher of books on Theravada Buddhism.

Wikipitaka is an attempt to compile and complete an English translation of the Tipitaka, the Buddhist sacred scripture, and its commentaries in order to enable complete features of online text: searching, browsing, linking, instant editing as well as looking up terms in an online dictionary.