Great Gaddesden

Amaravati Buddhist Monastery is of the Theravadan Thai Forest Tradition, from the lineage of Laung Por Chah and Luang Por Sumedho. Currently the abbot is Ajahn Amaro. Offers meditation classes and retreats. Visitors are welcome.



Cittaviveka (pronounced chitta-vee-vayka) is also known as Chithurst Buddhist Monastery and is a monastery in the tradition of Theravada Buddhism, more specifically in the lineage of the Thai forest masters. As such it is a residence for bhikkhus (monks) and siladharas (nuns), where their life of training in ethics, meditation and renunciation can be supported in a quiet rural environment. The monastery is not a retreat centre, but a living environment of woodland, ponds, wildlife and human dwellings. The community welcomes men and women who wish to visit, stay as guests or make a commitment to the monastic life.


Lower Fulbrook

The Forest Hermitage (วัดป่าสันติธรรม) is a small, peaceful Buddhist monastery in the tradition of the Theravadan forest monasteries of N.E. Thailand and is a branch of Wat Nong Pah Pong, the late Luang Por Chah's principal monastery. The Buddha-Dhamma Fellowship is the supporting body that cares for both the Forest Hermitage and its annex, the nearby Wood Cottage. The community is led by Ven. Chao Khun Bhavanaviteht  (Luang Por Khemadhammo).



Hartridge monastery is a sanctuary in rural Devon, comprising 22 acres of land with a pond and new woodland, and accommodation based around an old farmhouse. The monastery is the residence for a small community of monks and novices practising in the Theravada tradition. The monks live as alms-mendicants, following a discipline based on guidelines established by the Buddha.

Although the monastery is primarily a place of monastic training for monks, visitors and guests are also welcome, to share the lifestyle of the community.

Newcastle upon Tyne

Harnham Buddhist Monastery is a Buddhist community on the borders of Scotland and England. The abbot, Ajahn Munindo, was ordained by the late Venerable Ajahn Chah of Wat Nong Pah Pong in NE Thailand in 1975. The community comprises a monastic residence of usually about 8 Sangha members and an adjacent lay retreat facility known as Kusala House.

Newton Abbot

Set in the rural quiet of South Devon, Gaia House - a retreat centre since the 1930s - offers retreats from various Buddhist traditions led by teachers from all over the world.


The Satipanya Buddhist Trust is grounded in the Buddhist Tradition of Theravada as practised in South-East Asia. We run retreats devoted to contemplative living and vipassana insight meditation in the tradition of the Mahasi Sayadaw of Burma. The appointed Spiritual Director of the Trust is Bhante Bodhidhamma, an English Theravada monk of twenty years' standing.


This group follows the Thai Forest Sangha tradition, and meets weekly.

Bradford on Avon

The Aukana Buddhist Meditation Retreat centre was established in 1980 by the co-founders Alan and Jacqui James.The current spiritual head of the Trust is Paul Harris, who has been teaching the Buddha's path to enlightenment for ten years. The Trust supports two monasteries (one for monks, one for nuns) and a meditation centre, the House of Inner Tranquillity. It also publishes several books on Buddhism.


Sri Lankan Buddhist temple.


Sri Lankan Buddhist temple.




London Insight offers a programme of events based in the insight (vipassana) meditation tradition.

Together with a group of leading teachers, we explore the modern application of authentic Buddhist teachings in our lives.


Sri Lankan Buddhist temple.


We offer weekend retreats, day-long retreats and evening courses led by teachers associated with Gaia House retreat centre in Devon. We also offer a sitting group twice a month to share meditation practice and discussion.

ALBA started around 1994 at Amaravati Buddhist Monastery in Hertfordshire, England, and was initially called the Upasika Training. Since then our name has changed, first to Amaravati Upasika Association and then to Amaravati Lay Buddhist Association. Upasika (and its female variant upasaka) are Buddhist scriptural terms referring to  sincere lay followers of the Buddha. Wanting to have a more understandable and less intimidating title, we chose - ALBA - Amaravati Lay Buddhist Association. ALBA also evokes 'albion' - which has a nice traditional ring of old England about it - and also means 'white' - which is how lay Buddhists are traditionally dressed, and also 'dawn' in Italian and Spanish.

ALBA is run by laypeople with the blessing of the ordained Sangha, and runs a series of days of practice and short retreats at Amaravati.


The Punjab Buddhist Society UK was formed by a small group of Non Resident Indians living in England. It was founded under the leadership of Ven. Chander Bodhi on 28th March 2004 with the strong support of the all India Bikkhu Sangha headed by the most Ven. Sangha Nayaka Sadanand Mahasthavir. It works for the spread of the teachings of the Buddha (Buddha Dhamma) and also for the benefit and welfare of the community and society as a whole.



The Centre has two principal aims: to promote the understanding of Buddhism in the West, and to preserve the Buddhist culture among its supporters.
At the Sri Saddhatissa International Buddhist Centre you might find:
* Dhamma and meditation classes
* celebrations of important days in the Buddhist calendar - Vesak, Poson, Esala, Kathina, and Sangamitta Day
* a daily religious service in the evening to the public [Buddhapuja] and Pirith chanting
* Inter-faith seminars
* visits to hospitals and homes for the sick
* offering of alms to the poor and the destitute on Vesak Day
* a reference and a lending library of valuable books
* Distinguished personalities, academics, and Buddhist scholars, from both the clergy and the laity, deliver public lectures, speeches and Dhamma talks at different intervals throughout the year.



The centre is dedicated to providing access to talks on Theravada Buddhism and instruction on meditation for those living in Bristol and the South West.

The Amaravati Upasaka & Upasika Association. This is a site dedicated to Buddhist practice for lay-people. (People who are not ordained Buddhist monks and nuns.) Much of the content is related to the Theravadin Forest Sangha tradition.


Offers weekly services. Supports the monastic community at Harnham Buddhist Monastery.